How to use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models

Dynamic Island is a new technological development from Apple that is installed in new models of smartphones. If you own an iPhone, you will be able to use it. Many people are interested in what “dynamic island” is and which devices have it. It should be said right away that this upgrade was given to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Max phones. 

This element, called Dynamically Island, is located at the top of the device. It is designed as a horizontal strip of black with semicircular edges. This is not just a design solution. It is a small control panel that allows you to control the device and get additional information about different states.

We’ve seen this before in our iPhones

Such an element was found in previous models of the smartphone, but this can not fulfill the function. Previously, the front camera was installed in this place or near it. There could also have been light sensors or body-touch sensors there. This sensor made the screen go off when the user brought the phone to their ear. This feature protected users from accidentally tapping the screen and activating various actions. 

It is worth noting that such an element is located on the bodies of other models in the 14 series. But neither the iPhone 14 nor the Plus version is endowed with this Dynamic Island.

Getting to know Dynamic Island

In standby mode, this element has an informative function. It can display the status of the phone and notify you of events and notifications via visual signals. It also provides additional information when you launch various applications. 

In addition to displaying signals, this bar senses users’ finger movements and allows control of elements, functions and the device as a whole.

One Touch to the Island

When you touch the specified area with your finger, a certain function is activated. Depending on the user’s settings or standard prescriptions, this can set a timer, start playing music, or perform other functions. This is a simple control or change. For example, the user can get information about a song, make the next song play, or silence the song completely.

Touch and hold Island

A single tap on an area accepts a specific command. If you touch and hold, then another extended list of features will start. The features will be displayed on the screen to give you full control over the device or app. It will be difficult at first to determine how to apply this.. But after 10–15 minutes, you will learn how to operate it. 

Displaying information on the Dynamic Island

This element allows you not only to control the device, but also to display the necessary information on the screen. It can be information from one application or even from both applications at the same time. On the left side, text or graphic symbols from one application can be displayed. The right side will at the same time display the status of a utility or the status of a widget. All of this is optional and personal. Here you can display information about paying with a bank card, quick access to Messenger, or headphone control.

 This is only a general description of how the Island works. Only after the user’s personal acquaintance with this element will it be possible to evaluate its potential.

Where Dynamic Island can be applied

The question of what apps use Dynamic Island and how you use it with apps is hard to answer right now. It’s up to the app developers themselves. The iPhone has some basic smartphone and app controls. 

This list includes: 

  • Switching
  • Starting and stopping
  • Collapsing and unfolding
  • Drag and drop
  • Other 

Other features and capabilities should come directly from the app developers themselves. Some studios have already started implementing this. For example, the Uber app will give information about the arrival of a called vehicle, and the sports match app shows the results of the competition in real time.

Further development of the Island

Immediately after the appearance of the new model, many people were interested in this element. Everyone tried to get acquainted with it, and after the first experience, more new ideas appeared. Therefore, there have been improvements and changes to Dynamic Island tweaks since its release. It will be enough to install the latest iOS update on your smartphone to get the new features. The progress does not stop there, and the interaction system continues its development. Also, other independent app developers are adapting their products to these features.

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