Tonor TC30: A powerful, Multi-Purpose Condenser Microphone

Media consumers’ hungry and increasing following has been left in the epidemic’s wake. Streaming games, hosting podcasts, and making videos have been viable ways for small-time content providers to get into this market. While a good camera is only part of the equation for increasing views, if your material is littered with crackly background noise-filled audio, you’ll never get an audience’s attention in the first place.

Tonor’s TC30 is a USB condenser microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern perfect for gaming, podcasting, Zoom meetings, streaming, Skype talking, and online conferences. With its anti-vibration shock mount, this desktop microphone delivers crystal clear communication at a low price. With its plug-and-play setup and space-saving design, it provides a stress-free experience.

The redesigned hidden shock mount efficiently reduces mouse, keyboard, radiator, or microphone contact noise. It requires no assembly other than attaching the pop filter to the mic tripod, after which it is ready to use.

The microphone and shock mount may be unscrewed and threaded onto a boom arm with a 5/8″ thread. An adapter is necessary if the boom arm has a 3/8″ thread.

Tonor TC30 Condenser Microphone

Key features:

  1. Cardioid Pickup Pattern: Off-axis suppression of the TC30 is outstanding, allowing it to capture more genuine sound while suppressing undesired background noise.
  2. Wide Compatibility: With a USB 2.0 data interface, the TC30 is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  3. Simply plug in and play: There is no need for assembly or an extra driver. Now, all you have to do is attach the pop filter to the tripod, and you are ready to go.
  4. Shock mount with anti-vibration: Prevents unwanted noise or unintentional touches from other desktop gadgets such as the mouse and keyboard.

Technical Specifications:

  • 50Hz-20kHz Frequency Response
  • 48kHz input sample rate
  • 16-bit bitrate
  • 2.2k S/N output impedance >68dB ratio
  • -32dB3dB Sensitivity
  • 2m USB-A cable for connectivity

According to the testing methodology, the voices roared with crystal clear sound in sound clarity and noise isolation after merely putting in the USB cable. Despite distracting background sounds such as passing vehicles outside the home office window or the clanks of pans in the neighbourhood, noise isolation remained excellent. 

While the microphone picked up the clacks of the mechanical keyboard’s brown switches, they were fairly dull despite being only a few inches away. Innovative engineering, premium build materials, and many mounting choices provide crisp overall sound clarity with minimal interference in a microphone—this is inexpensive.

The integrated pop filter reduces crackling and extends far enough to provide coverage from all sides. Without flinching, a sturdy metal tripod hoists the microphone into the air. If you have a scissor boom arm, you may remove the tripod and place the microphone on it instead. 

Finally, an anti-vibration shock mount eliminates background sounds such as keyboard strokes and unintentional microphone bumps, ensuring pure sound recording. These three extras aren’t standard on most mics, even those that are costlier.

Tonor TC30 Condenser Microphone

TONOR TC30 Design:

Tonor has done an excellent job of making all of their mics appear costlier than they are. Having a cheap-looking mic on your desk can ruin your entire attitude, so the TC30’s metal construction is positive. The gadget should feel more expensive in the hand than it does, and at 19cm tall, it won’t take over your desk.

While the tripod stand accomplishes its job owing to its rubber feet, which give stability, it will not be adequate to eliminate desk motions. If you have the same problem, you can get stronger stands on Amazon for roughly $10. The shock mount works well and looks nice, but it’s a little too plasticky for some, especially when compared to the metal microphone.

Tonor TC30 Condenser Microphone

Audio Performance: 

The TC30 is a condenser, which is the first thing to know. This is the most popular form of a microphone on the market, and it’s usually the best for casual users. When speaking, condenser microphones provide a constant frequency response without sacrificing noise control. Because these mics are more sensitive, they require support (a stand or a hand) to operate correctly.

By holding the TC30 in your hand, you may swiftly capture voice notes at a distance of 20cm or less from the mic. You might not be pleased with the consequences if you do. Your speech will be a bit choppy, and the frequency output will be blurry at this distance. It won’t be a disaster – and post-production editing can improve – but the close-up work will be mediocre.

You can figure out what range the Tonor TC30 functions best in by trial and error. The range appears to be between 25cm and 40cm. The mic removes natural peaks and valleys in speech tone in this range, resulting in consistent audio output. At these distances, noise control is also most effective. When stretched beyond 40cm, the TC30’s overall performance deteriorates.

Final Words

Tonor TC30 is a low-cost USB Type-A condenser microphone with amazing quality for the price. It is highly recommended for novice to intermediate users because of its outstanding sound out of the box and portable form. It also comes with a generous two-year warranty. 

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