Top 4 Free DS ROMs to Play In 2021

Top 4 Free DS ROMs to Play In 2021

Looking for new ways to enjoy portable games? In this article, we will show you the top free DS ROMs to play in 2021. Before we break down the list, not that DS ROMs are free to download but be sure where to download the ROMs.


Some of the websites OFFERING these free ROMs can be phishing websites with notorious malware which can collect your personal information and harm your gadget. So, be sure to download your ROMs on the trusted website (we recommend you to download them on the official website or here DS ROMs)

The central aspect to know about DS ROMs is that most source files are small compared to PSP ROMs, and so, most PSP ROMs are playable across most systems. Now, let us look at four free DSROMs to download in 2021.

1. Pokémon (White 2 EXP and Patched fixed)

Pokemon (White 2 EXP and Patched Fixed) is a genre game with the most number of players worldwide. It is an excellent game to play with your friends. So download and challenge your friends. Pokemon (White 2 EXP and Patched Fixed) has a source file of 12 MBs available in both iOS and Android systems.

You can also play on an emulator to play this game on a PC. Currently, the DS ROMs has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 worldwide, with over 3 million downloads. So, don’t limit yourself. Download and enjoy Pokemon now.

2. Pokémon (Black  2 EXP and Patched fixed)

Second, on the list is Pokemon (Black 2 EXP and Patched Fixed); this is the second version of Pokemon (White 2 EXP and Patched Fixed) but with a different aspect and different missions. As the name suggests, it has a black version within the mission, making it more unique than its predecessors.

At the moment, the DS ROM has a rating of over 4.82 out of 5. The game source file is just above 15 MBs with over 2.7 million downloads. So, if you are in for complicated and fun missions, then this is the game to play. The best thing about this Pokemon version is, it was tested on ROMSHUB, and it was safe to play on any system worldwide. So, download and try it.

3. Super Mario (64 DS)

The third ROM on the list is Super Mario (64 DS), with over 1.75 million downloads. The game is fun to play, with a rating above 4.5 out of 5 worldwide. More so, the game is a platform game with clear instructions and great controls. If you like action-packed video games, then Super Mario ROM is the perfect match for you.

Additionally, you can play the game in 3 D making it more fun to play. The game offers high visual and audios, making it enjoyable for the players involved. Experience the best action genre video game by downloading and trying Super Mario.

4. Mario Kart (DS)

Fourth on the list is Mario Kart (DS); it is an action and racing game with high-end visuals and clear audios which run across multiple platforms. So, if you are a fan of Fast and Furious franchises, then Mario Kart is the game for you. The game has different types of racing cars to choose from and comes with an offline feature. You can opt to challenge your friends online or enjoy yourself offline by racing against the system. The game’s current rating stands at 4.6 out of 5, with over 1.5 million downloads. More so, the source file is about 13.1 MBs available in all formats. So, don’t hesitate to race.


Before downloading any of these games, go through the license file and see if the terms are convenient for you before accepting. We have noticed most people agree with the terms before reading through.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, most DS ROMs are free for download and compatible with almost all systems. However, before installing any DS ROM on your device, make sure to check the game range and the format of the ROMs. Not all game range motions are compatible with DS ROMs, so make sure to double-check your system. Additionally, there is a range of ROMs to play, so don’t hesitate to download and enjoy.

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