What Are RNG and RTP and How They Work in Online Games?

The RNG and RTP are acronyms constantly see in the descriptions of casinos and online gaming. In this article, we will tell you what RNG and RTP mean, what they are for, and how to take advantage of them to make good profits while having fun.

Today, online casino games are very common, and more and more players are willing to try their luck.

However, there are people who still do not trust that these games are fair and bring any economic benefit to users, but they do believe that they are programmed to benefit the casino in a larger and larger percentage.

With this guide, you will be able to know in-depth the meaning of these terms and draw your own conclusions.

What is the RNG and what does it consist of?

Do you wonder what is RNG? Well, it is not something new and it is not an invention of the online casino gaming industry. It was already used in other computer systems.

The first slot games were designed with mechanical gears that turned the reels once the lever was pushed.

These reels rotated in order, from left to right until the lever returned to its original position, at which point the reels stopped one by one in the same order in which they began to rotate.

This generated random symbols and was generally the fairest system at the time.

However, this system does not work for online games. For this reason, digital random number generators were created that changed the gears by the use of microchips that allow the random generation of numbers, letters, or symbols.

Now slot machines are not dependent on gears, and a much higher range of randomness can be achieved in this way.

At present, whether machines in their physical form or online, have a software RNG in its acronym of Random Number Generator.

It is designed by mathematical engineers to activate numerical functions that create random results that are unpredictable in all online random games like slots, card games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and more.

It’s the way these games work without the intervention of another human being. Since they are totally unpredictable computer programs that relate to the algorithm that the casino uses.

It is common for casinos or online casino websites, not to be in charge of the RNG of their games, but to hire companies specialized in this matter and that also have recognition for this work, to ensure transparency in games and the trust of its users.

For this reason, the use of random number generation software gives prestige to online casinos, especially when the respective authority is attentive to carry out tests that support the seriousness of the different sites. Checking that its practice does not present alterations, and is a fair game that users can enjoy with clear and transparent rules.

With this, the player who already knows some online casinos will also be informed about the technology on which they are based to function, as well as the institutions that endorse it, in order to be very clear whether or not to trust when choosing where to play and bet.

Are the RNGs 100% reliable?

In the information age, almost everything is known, or discovered… So online casino games are committed to being 100% reliable so as not to lose their credibility, trust, and of course, players and winnings.

But, it must be clear that random number generators have a system determined by reference to a specific number, and these numbers determine what will happen.

Those who know those numbers, could predict the results on the reels and modify them in their favor. For this reason, those numbers are private, not even casinos have access to them.

Access to the starting numbers is only available to the game developers themselves, and this means that if the casino does not have the ability to manipulate the games, then they are really fair.

Now, nothing prevents software developers from creating unfair games…

However, if you are playing games from a known developer, generally speaking there is nothing to worry about.

All of your games will be verified by third parties, to ensure that the random number generators are doing what they are supposed to do and that they are not tampered with.

One of the largest groups responsible for overseeing this matter is the independent online gambling testing laboratory, eCOGRA. If you are playing at a casino with games from a developer certified by this company, you can rest assured knowing that the games are fair.

In conclusion, random number generators cannot affect the playability and results of online casino games, if these games are designed by an ethical and fair developer.

What is RTP and how does it work?

Although it sounds similar to the previous term, its meaning and function is totally different.

The RTP is the acronym of Return to Player. This is something you should always research before playing an online casino game, especially when it comes to slots.

With this information, you will be able to know the estimated percentage of the money that you can recover when betting on a slot machine or online casino game.

The RTP is calculated from a statistic based on game sessions in which all the slot functions are activated.

In order to estimate the percentage with the average amount of money that you will win for every $100 you bet.

For example, on a video slot with a 94.8% RTP percentage, the statistic says that you will get back $94.80 for every $100 you bet.

In this way, when you investigate the basic data of a slot and see that the RTP percentage is higher than others, this means that you have a better chance of winning.

For example, the maximum percentage of RTP you have on a slot machine is 99%, but they are difficult to locate and rare in casinos.

Therefore, anyone above 97.5% is a good option to play. Also, if you play online slots, you generally enjoy higher RTP rates than with traditional physical machines.

Although this also depends on what type of player you are, and what you want to win…

A low RTP (90% to 94%) can also mean that the game doesn’t pay consistently, but when it does it can be big wins.

Therefore, many players prefer to look to games with a medium RTP (94% to 95%) so that there is a balance between the chances of winning and the amounts of the winnings.

In them, the casino’s profit margin is lower, while players are constantly rewarded.

It must be considered that the RTP is a statistic made in the period from the opening of the slot, until the payment of the prizes to the players. Or sometimes it is calculated based on the prizes awarded in the last 1,000 winning spins.

You have to know that the RTP has to be understood as ” long-term ” data. That is, it can assure the user a profit of 95% if he plays many games. While “in the short term”, in a few games, it is a highly variable data that depends on many factors, especially chance.

Therefore, we should not think that the RTP is 100% decisive when it comes to winning prizes, because they are a statistic that can vary, although it serves as a guide to what we may face while we play.

How to take advantage of RTP?

It would be very easy to choose only casino games with a medium or high RTP, to ensure and get the best out of our money when betting.

But there is another important factor to consider, and this is volatility, which is the inherent risk of the game.

For example, low volatility will pay small amounts more often while higher volatility will pay larger sums of money but less often.

So we must understand that if a game has a low return to the player it means that it is not a very lucrative game unless it has high volatility. This type of game pays a huge amount or on the contrary, they do not give you any profit.

Therefore, you need to be prepared to lose everything quickly, or if you win, fold or wait a long time before betting again.

Another point that must be very clear is that the games with the best returns to the player have less volatility.

So if you see a title that you want to play but has this feature, what you should do is wait for the free spin rounds as it is easy to do with small budgets due to frequent winnings, but do not get carried away by the excitement. of the moment.

Tricks to beat the RNG and RTP of online casino games

Luck is a vital aspect of winning in most online casino games. But there are some tricks that are sure to appeal to her if you apply them every time you play and invest your money.

Here are some of them.

To get started, choose, research, and learn the game you are going to play. It is very important to know and analyze all the basic data of the game such as win lines, maximum winnings, characteristics, RTP, volatility, deposit methods, and withdrawal of winnings, among other data that adjust to your preferences.

Then, search for the selected title in the best online casino at your disposal. Make sure to take advantage of the welcome bonus on this selected game to increase your chances of winning.

The next tip is to try other titles in the same game genre and start practicing for a while. The more you know the genre, the better you will be able to appreciate all the existing characteristics of the selected title.

There are a lot of information, advice, and comments from users on the Internet that can help you become an expert on the subject. Take the opportunity to read everything you can.

Another infallible trick is to play its free version at the same casino of your choice, since most online casinos have a free demo version of the game so you can play just for fun and practice, without risking your money while learning.

All this preparation time you should take it easy and unhurried in betting real money, remember that the main motivation is always to have fun.

Take the time to practice the game and get to know it. The more you know about its features and how it works, the more relaxed and confident you will be in each game. And of course, the more comfortable and secure you are, the greater your chances of winning good prizes.

Ready to bet and win?

Before doing so, it is important to establish a bankroll limit (capital limit to bet) that you should never exceed.

It is common that as the games get more interesting and fun, it is very difficult to control the adrenaline and impulses to play more and deposit more money.

Instead of doing this, it is better to take advantage of the no deposit bonus offer of some casinos, or as we mentioned earlier, you can play the free demo version.

You win and you lose

In virtual games and in many aspects of life you can lose everything you have in just a few seconds.

When you play you have to be prepared for the fact that you can lose everything and you must move on without holding on to money or wasted time.

Never try to recover a loss using your credit card, savings, or money destined for your main needs.

Savvy and savvy players set an amount of money that they can bet with from time to time, and without getting into trouble when it runs out.

If you want to enjoy playing online casino responsibly, you must control your money and play wisely, so that at the end of the day you have a chance of ending up with good winnings, instead of debt and problems.

RNG and RTP benefits

To conclude this guide, we leave you a list of benefits generated by these two very common acronyms in the online casino industry, such as RNG and RTP.

  • The RNG is a computer program that does not intervene before or during the process of selecting winning numbers or symbols, so no one can interrupt a good result of a casino game when it is about to happen.
  • The RNG is a totally digital system that cannot be altered by manual and even digital tricks, of a person who wants to steal your achievements or earnings.
  • Companies of great international prestige in the casino industry are in charge of supervising the good and fair operation of the RNG. These include the independent online gambling testing laboratory, eCOGRA; and the General Directorate of Casino Games.
  • The RTP is a statistic that helps you to know an estimate of how much money you can possibly recover in an online casino game title, helping you to calculate your budget or bankroll very well.
  • When you understand how the RTP works and how it is calculated taking volatility into account, high economic benefits can be obtained.
  • Online games and casinos that have a higher than average Theoretical Return to Player make the user create a certain loyalty. Which is a Win-Win relationship between user and company. Since the casino rewards the player’s consistency with bonuses, free spins, offers, and promotions, while the player continues to enjoy the platform and place their bets on it.

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