Top 5+ Tips to Become a Better Player in Valorant

Epic games’ latest FPS competitive title is spreading like wildfire in the gaming jungle. It is giving a tough time to even the most popular competitive title of all time, CSGO.

But with a ton of features and unique abilities borrowed from Epic’s other popular games, it can be quite tricky wrapping your mind around it. So, here is a list of top 5+ tips and tricks to become a better player in Valorant.

Use your wall for a retake

Try to save your wall for the retake if you’re on the defending side with Viper. If you want to retake a side, your wall can be quite useful. You also get to choose when you put your wall down, so put it down as soon as you believe you’re ready so you can kill the enemies behind it.

Buy a Valorant account

If you want to play in a specific rank, buying an account can get you there instantly. Buying a higher-level account can save you time grinding through lower ranks and unlocking cosmetics. Some Valorant accounts come with rare or expensive skins that you might otherwise never obtain.

Hide Nanos Behind Pots

Leaving your Nanos out in the open doesn’t really prove to be any useful, instead what you can do is hide your Nano behind the pots. There are numerous areas where you can find these pots, just stand in front of them and spawn your Nanos on them.

Use Flash Birds

You can use your ability button to aim where your bird flies when using your Flashbang with Sky. You won’t have to do anything since your bird will fly around corners on its own. As a result, you’ll be able to stick it behind the bird. You can use it to get your flash over the buildings or around tricky corners.

Attack on the Move

If you’re playing as the Jet and you’re utilising the Ult ability, keep moving. I See A Lot Of People Standing Still, Shooting, And Then Walking Away, But Instead, Learn To Shoot While Moving. It will be much more difficult for opponents to shoot you when you are moving.

Yoru’s Invisibility

Yoru becomes totally visible to everyone for a brief period of time if the Tasmanian tiger bites him while he is utilising his ult ability. When Yoru uses his ultimate, Skye’s ultimate can still hunt him down.

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