10 Free Android Games That You Must Try in This 2022

We have been a few days with the new year, the arrival of 2022 has been a hope for many and therefore we need to try new things or at least that takes us away from the monotony of what we are living, so in this roundup, we hand you the 10 best free Android games you should try in this 2022 and these should definitely serve you a good gaming experience.

Although Google Play announced the best games of 2021, we will recommend you the games that you must try this 2022, because they are games that you will want to play once you try them. Some of these games may already ring a bell or you may have played them before, but in 2022 they are games that you must try.

Below, we leave you with the list of the best free Android games to try this 2022. You should know that in our list there are recommendations for all tastes and thus, everyone can enjoy these games.

1. Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE, a MOBA based on the popular Pokémon cartoon series, was released very recently. If you’re a fan of the series, this game is sure to be one of your favourites. Pokémon UNITE can mark a before and after on your mobile because we assure you that it will be a game that you will not stop playing.

The mechanics of the game are very simple, but at the same time, it makes the game much more fun. Enjoy the mechanics of the Pokémon’s attacks, you can customise your trainer and win items to be able to boost the Pokémon’s attacks or health. It’s a game you should give a chance.

You can download this game here.

2. PUBG New State

Just a few days ago, the popular PC battle royale, PUBG becomes free to play, well, now the new version for Android is even more fun and exciting. This battle royale presents a new game with better graphics, game dynamics, effects and best of all is that it’s free.

PUBG New State has a more competitive dynamic that makes the battle royale on Android are much better, although many users prefer Fortnite, we highly recommend PUBG New State, because, sure you will love it.

You can download this game here.

3. Beatstar

If you are a fan of music this is your game, surely you have played the classic PlayStation Guitar Hero or Magic Piano, well, Beatstar is one of the best music games we have today on our Android phones. Each song is a challenge and the best of all, is that you will be able to use your own music.

You will be able to unlock more songs when you master the ones that are available, that is to say, if you play a song perfectly you will be able to have access to more songs, it is a very fun mechanic that makes you more interested in the game, Beatstar is a safe bet if you like music.

You can download this game here.

4. Legends of Runeterra

If you’ve played Hearthstone and you’re a fan of the League of Legends world, this game is the perfect mix. Legends of Runeterra mixes the mechanics of Hearthstone and all the characters and effects from Riot’s games. It’s a perfect combination and makes the game much more fun and entertaining. The games are short and you can play at any time against other players.

There are different game modes that are sure to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Legends of Runeterra is one of the best discoveries we have made in 2022, although the game is from 2021. Definitely a great recommendation.

You can download this game here.

5. AutoChess

We now move on to a game with different mechanics. This game mixes the classic chessboard with an endless number of creatures that we can buy in each phase to level them up and defeat our enemies. AutoChess games are quite long, especially when you get to the end, so you will have to have some free time to play.

There are many games that have been inspired by AutoChess, such as Teamfight Tactics or Dota Underlords, but AutoChess is still one of the most played games, even if it doesn’t have well-known characters, like the characters in the games mentioned above. The mechanics of AutoChess are very simple and the goal will be to create a homogeneous team with the same types of techniques in10 Free Android Games That You Must Try in This 2022 order to get as many advantages as possible.

You can download this game here.

6. FarmVille 3: Animals

The new FarmVille 3: Animals brings one of the biggest novelties, more than 150 animal breeds that we will be able to discover. You will have to create your farm from scratch, you will be able to customise everything you add to your farm. You can add stables, hen houses and you can even have your own fishing pier.

Different types of animals will have different levels of rarity, the higher the rarity, the higher the production of ingredients. You will be able to sell your own products at the market so that other players can buy them.

You can download this game here.

7. Angry Birds Journey

The popular Angry Birds game series brings a new instalment that transports us to a world full of colours and above all full of pigs to kill them. You will have to discover new maps as you progress. One of the great new features is that you will have to solve some puzzles in order to advance to the next world.

Each level will give you coins with which you can get power-ups to use in your games, such as the classic golden duck or the exploding chilli pepper. You will be able to play with all the birds of the saga, but in this new instalment, you will also be able to meet new characters.

You can download this game here.

8. Nobodies: After Death

In this game, you take on the role of a murder clean-up agent. The goal is to cover up the murder and leave no trace behind. The game is full of new levels and the best thing about it is that it is handmade and the more than 100 scenarios are really beautiful.

You will be able to reach a single solution but from different points of view. It is the second instalment and continuation of Nobodies: Murder Cleaner, in this new instalment you will have to face much more complicated puzzles, but they will be very satisfying. It is a game that is highly recommended and that you can play at any time.

You can download this game here.

9. Call of Duty: Mobile

It is a classic, but that can not miss in our list of games for Android, COD Mobile is one of the best games that Activision has created, and more when it is possible to play it from our computer with an emulator. The theme of COD Mobile is the same as the triple-A games.

One of the novelties is that we can now play the popular battle royale game from our mobile and very soon we will have Warzone on our mobile. Although we still have a little more time to do this. Relive again the intense battles in epic maps such as Nuketown, Raid or Shipment.

You can download this game here.

10. Rebel Inc

Plague Inc was one of the most played games on Steam for a long time, a game in which you have to create a global pandemic and prevent a cure, well, Rebel Inc is very similar, but you have to create a system in which you have to be an insurgent.

It is a game that does not require an Internet connection, you will be able to finance rebel initiatives, you will have to create teams with different modes of combat or ideals to be able to carry out the revelation in the different territories. It is a game that requires time and patience.

You can download this game here.

This is our selection of the best free Android games that you must try in 2022. They are games for all tastes that you should give a chance to have some fun at any time of the day.

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