Top 5 credit card generator tools used by gamers to access a free trial

If you are a gamer like me, you will surely love to play the latest games but may not afford their paid versions, so we concluded a solution.

Every game has its paid version for gaming, and we can say that the free version is minimal.

Credit card generators help us unlock the paid versions of latest games and using these generators is pretty straightforward.

All you enter personal information and credit card number; you are done to unlock the paid versions.

VCCGenerator is one of the best credit card generator tools to get free credit card numbers for trials. The good thing is that you can use these credit card numbers on various games, which means credit card details generated using this site are authentic and real.

But some people may be confused about how they can use these generators and where they can easily find them?

We have shortlisted some of the best tools that can be very helpful throughout your gaming journey, and this guide is based on personal experience.

So, you can have your attention and must give these tools a try. The details of these tools are given below.

1.  Prepostseo credit card generator

Prepostseo is a reliable source of various tools in which credit card generators are included, but not limited to it only.

Prepostseo has impressive credentials in the educational and business sector. This credit card number generator is not only used to get the numbers for unlocking paid versions of games, but it is beneficial in the business field.

Top 5 credit card generator tools used by gamers to access a free trial

How does it work?

We have seen many credit card generators which generate fake numbers, and that’s something illegal.

In this case, this tool facilitates us by:

  • Giving authentic credit card number
  • You can purchase something by using this credit card number
  • This tool can be used in the business filed
  • All you need to enter some of the personal information to get the credit card number
  • The good thing is, this tool generates numbers with security code
  • The production of natural and active credit card numbers differentiates this tool from others

Why this tool?

  • Real and active credit card numbers
  • It doesn’t require a bundle of information
  • Easily accessible
  • Free of cost
  • Used for business and gaming activities


Here we have one of the most authentic and valuable platforms to get credit card numbers for free. We can say that this tool is also one of the top-notch credit card generators like PrepostSeo and this tool facilitates the audience in various ways. is dedicated to generating numbers of different types of credit cards, and it is not wrong to say that Visa is the most basic and standard card

This website surely helps you in enjoying your favorite games by unlocking their paid versions.

How does it work?

As soon as you get into this website, you need to enter some of the information to generate a file, and this information is listed as follow:

  • We need to enter the name of issuing network
  • This tool offers Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, and many more
  • Then you need to enter data format that is JSON, CSV, and XML
  • Now, the only thing you need to enter is no. of entries
  • Click on the “generate the file” button to get the result

Why this tool?

  • Generate different types of credit cards
  • It can be used for various purpose
  • It generates security code
  • Validity
  • Real credit card number


If your preference is an easy-to-use interface and simplicity, you must try this tool and get your credit card numbers.

This tool is not limited to generating credit card numbers, but it also has tools like creating ids, generating driving licenses, and many more.

Here we are explicitly talking about credit card generators, and we can say that this is one of the reliable sources.

But being a reliable source is not enough; you need to check whether this tool is helpful or not.

As by our personal experience, we find this tool helpful and easy to use as well.

How does it work?

We can find the credit card number of any bank in this world, so look at how we can do it.

  • We need to enter the name of the country first
  • Card type must be specified
  • Then we need to select the name of the bank
  • Click on “generates credit cards number” to get an accurate and active number

Why this tool?

  • You can find the number of any bank
  • Valid BIN codes
  • Authentic website
  • No fraudulent activities


This tool generates fake credit card numbers, and some people are confused about fake credit card numbers.

Connectivity through banks differentiate the real and fake credit card numbers so, this tool generates a number which the bank does not connect.

You can use this credit card on sites you have no trust in because you can determine the fraudulent activities.

How does it work?

  • Select a credit card type
  • This tool offers Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards
  • You’ll receive a dialog box displaying a fake credit card number
  • You can use any name and CVV


It is pretty obvious that credit cards are issued by following some rules and regulations and no one can generate them independently.

So, this tool also offers fake credit cards that can be used to play paid versions of games and you can use this number for a few more purposes.

But keep in your mind that any bank does not connect this credit card so, it is only helpful for some purposes only.

How does it work?

  • Select a type of card
  • Enter some information required
  • Click on “generate.”
  • The credit card number will be displayed.

Bottom line

Credit card generators are widely used by gamers, especially when they need to unlock the paid versions of the game.

As we all know, some games have really expensive premium accounts, and everyone cannot afford them, so they will surely get towards these card generator tools.

We have discussed some of the best and reliable tools to generate credit card numbers.

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