Why It Is Essential To Rent A Dedicated Server For Your Online Store

For any store that seeks to profit, high user traffic is always excellent, because it increases the chances of selling. However, for some, it is a terror, because the type of server simply does not meet this demand.

What usually happens is that the site’s hosting does not have the capacity to support the high volume of users. This leads to site crashes or a decrease in loading speed.

In addition, the site may experience a decrease in digital security. This is why you need to know more about dedicated servers and rent one for your business right away.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a computer that is hosted in a data center or local network. It is exclusive to the virtual store, providing space, resources, and applications only for it.

It is different from a shared server, where your virtual store ends up sharing not only the space but also the resources. When you rent dedicated servers, everything is at your disposal, without the need to share it with anyone.

Because of this, there is less risk of external interference on the server and, consequently, more digital security. However, there is a higher price to pay for such exclusivity.

How does dedicated hosting work?

To understand how dedicated hosting works, let’s use an example: the shared server would be like renting a room in an already occupied house with an administrator. In this space, you share things and are accountable to someone else.

The dedicated server, on the other hand, would be like renting an entire house just for you – the space has an owner, but you can customize it the way you want. On this type of server, there is no division of resources and you have total control over the management.

This means, when you rent a dedicated server, you are the one who defines the hardware and software configurations for your site, which guarantees greater flexibility. Despite its less accessible price, the cost-benefit ratio ends up being quite attractive. Although dedicated hosting is expensive, you may be able to find cheaper options from affordable providers such as Verpex

Differences between VPS and dedicated hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a type of web hosting where multiple websites share the same physical server, but each website has its own virtual space and resources. VPS hosting is a step up from shared hosting in terms of resources and control but is still limited compared to dedicated hosting.

One of the main differences between VPS and dedicated hosting is that dedicated hosting provides a business with an entire physical server for its exclusive use, while VPS hosting only provides virtual resources on a shared physical server.

Why use a dedicated server for your online store?

Many haven’t realized it yet, but web store hosting impacts financial performance. It turns out that the server interferes with things like site speed and customer data security.

Starting with speed: a slow site causes a bad user experience, and the user gets annoyed by the slow loading time and leaves. Google notices this and ends up reducing your visibility in search results.

The lack of security generates fear in the customer, who with little confidence, ends up preferring not to make payments at your electronic address. With this, the customer may even have the desire to buy but ends up giving up in the cart.

To better understand this, let’s learn about all the advantages of dedicated web store hosting!

Greater digital security

For a purchase to be made, the customer must pass on his financial data. If your site is not secure, it can suffer cyber attacks and lose this data. As a result, the customer suffers a loss and your credibility is affected.

Dedicated web hosting already offers the first layer of security by being isolated from other virtual stores. In addition, it brings firewalls and other security actions against attacks, such as SSL certificates.

Reduces slowness and instability

Through a dedicated rental server for your virtual store, you run a much lower risk of having a slow site. It happens that the dedicated server features:

More processing cores, which increases the site’s ability to perform simultaneous tasks

More RAM, which increases the speed of finding and loading site data

More storage, allowing all site files to be stored on the server

Increased transfer speed, which makes it faster to transfer data between the server and the user

More autonomy for customization

Because this website hosting does not involve resource sharing, you have a flexible and highly customizable environment. You can do the installations and configurations the way you want, which increases your scope of action on the site.

That way, if your business grows exponentially, you can expand the resources to meet that demand. You don’t have to worry that you’re draining another client’s resources – you’re not!

How to choose the best-dedicated website hosting?

The first step in finding the best dedicated server hosting for your online store is to know the technical specifications of the server. Storage, RAM, processing cores, and bandwidth are very important information.

In addition, you need to worry about the scalability of the server, ie whether the resources can be increased or decreased according to demand. So you only pay for what you need at the moment.

Apart from all this, what else do you need to worry about when looking for the best Web site hosting? You can drop your question or comments in the below section!

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