10 Tips for Selecting an Internet Fax Service

If you have read the recent studies, then you probably know your law firm can use online fax services to save up to 93% on faxing and up to 89% on your monthly costs.

It is much cheaper to use online fax services than to use a fax machine.

In addition, online fax services can help businesses extend their faxing capabilities, simplify their document management, and improve their privacy.

However, it is not easy to choose the right online fax service.

1. Compare Them

It is, therefore, essential for legal firms to compare the different choices to find the best features. Online fax services allow businesses to receive faxes online or by email.

However, some online fax services allow their clients to receive their faxes via email only. If you cannot access your email, you will not get your faxes.

A good online fax service allows their clients to receive their faxes from anywhere. If you can connect to the internet, you can receive your faxes.

Therefore, you will just review your faxes and forward them. You do not even have to download them to sign them.

2. Hidden Charges

It is easy to select an internet fax service because of their free services. However, they may have hidden charges. For instance, they can charge more if you go over your limit on failed faxes and on received faxes.

If you use an 800 number and your online fax service provider appends a charge to your incoming faxes, you are more likely to spend more money on toll-free numbers.

Therefore, it is much better to understand what you are paying for before selecting an internet fax service. You also need to check their limitations before selecting one.

3. Available File Formats

You need to check the available file formats. Many online fax services deliver faxed documents to their clients as TIF file attachments. If you need the faxed document to be delivered in a different format, you will have problems.

Therefore, you need to choose an online fax service that can deliver faxes in different file formats, including PDF.

4. Use a Single Email Address Only

Unfortunately, some online fax services deliver documents via one email address only. If you want to use online faxing, you will need flexibility.

The best online fax services allow their clients to change their email addresses or add more email addresses. Therefore, you will get your faxes when you need them.

5. Research the Company

There are both small and big online fax services. However, some of the services do not have physical offices. It is hard to trust them. This is because you do not know how long they will last.

In fact, the server of these services can go down when you need to send your faxes. If you can research these companies, you will find a reliable company.

Therefore, read their product reviews, read blogs and online forums and talk to their current users.

6. Confirmation

Your online fax service should send you a confirmation of your fax results. If you are using traditional faxing, you can easily know whether or not your fax went through.

You cannot see success stamps with online faxing since they are electronic documents. Therefore, an online fax service should send confirmation emails with the complete log information.

You will know if your fax went through.

7. Scalability

You can use online fax services to scale your business operations. Therefore, you need to look for an online fax service that will allow your business to grow. You do not have to change your numbers to grow your business.

8. Limitations

Online fax services have their own threshold. Therefore, you need to check the limitations of each online fax service. If you go beyond their limitations, they are more likely to charge you more money.

However, some online fax services can promise unlimited numbers of outbound and inbound faxes. It is much better to read their user agreement before paying for one of their plans.

They usually hide their limits in their user agreement. Therefore, you must understand the fine print before choosing them.

9. Customer Service

Check if they have excellent customer service. In fact, some online fax services provide 24/7 support. They even have live chat support where you can chat with one of their customer representatives.

If you can get in touch with them quickly, they can solve your problems quickly. If they have poor customer support, they might take time to solve your problems.

10. Convenience

You want to send and receive your faxes from anywhere. Therefore, you need to look for an online fax service that allows their clients to send and receive faxes from their email accounts.

You will just connect to the internet and send or download your faxes.

You can use online faxing to grow your law firms. It is, therefore, more important to choose a good online fax service. If you are willing to do some research, you will make the right decision. If you follow these tips, you are more likely to find the right internet fax service for your business.

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