Best 7 Crypto Lending Platforms

If you are a crypto-asset holder and find yourself in a situation where you need stablecoins or just other tokens, but you don’t want to part with the asset, you can turn to crypto-lending platforms. There, you will be able to leave part of your asset as collateral, and in return you will receive stablecoins or other necessary currency.

Now there are hundreds of variants of such platforms on the market and it is difficult to choose a site that you can trust among their variety. That’s why we’ve gathered 7 best crypto lending platforms that you can be sure of.


This platform offers over 135 currency options that you can loan against crypto. The most important advantage of CoinRabbit is that it is the centralized platform (CeFi) and all transactions there go through a central exchange. You can be sure that your funds will not go through any third-party projects. Collateral in CoinRabbit is stored using a cold wallet. Two-factor authentication serves as an additional factor in the safety of the client’s savings.

That said, all transactions on this site are quick, as you won’t have to provide your credit and go through KYC. You can borrow from as little as $100 and leave collateral with a flexible LTV. You can borrow at 12%-17% APR, which is considered a good rate in the market.

If you have any questions or encounter a problem, you can always contact the support service.


Aave is a decentralized lending platform that allows users to lend, borrow and receive interest on crypto assets without the use of intermediaries. Users can receive interest on deposits and borrow assets using an open-source, non-custodial protocol. The best feature of Aave is that there is no set period for payback. To eliminate any possibility of liquidation, the only thing to ensure is that the loan-to-value ratio is appropriately maintained.

Binance Loans

The Binance crypto-loan platform offers a wide range of crypto-assets that can be borrowed and used as collateral with favorable interest rates. There are loan terms of 7, 14, 30, 90, and 180 days. The loan is always repayable in full up front, and the interest is computed using the loan’s duration in hours. There are no extra fees for early repayment. Interest is calculated every hour starting with the loan’s inception.


YouHolder is a centralized cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platform that offers services that serve interest-only lenders and loan-eligible borrowers. The platform also offers an exchange service between fiat and cryptocurrency or two types of cryptocurrency. What sets it apart from other platforms with similar features are the MultiHODL and Turbocharge products, which help users maximize their profits in a risky way.


Nexo is a blockchain-based platform that provides its customers with encrypted loans. The borrower gets much-needed liquidity for the cryptocurrencies they don’t want to sell, while retaining the right to get their crypto collateral back, since it may be worth even more in the future. You can borrow crypto on this site for up to one year with an average LTV of 50-70%. If you take a loan from this site, you do not have to pay any income taxes or any other taxes imposed by the state.


Nebeus, based in Barcelona, provides a cryptocurrency ecosystem including exchange and wallet, crypto-rentals and staking, insurance and cryptocurrency financing. This platform allows you to exchange or transfer money, open a high-yield savings account, get cryptocurrency-backed loans, and withdraw them to Mastercard and Maestro cards. The service offers more loyal interest rates than traditional banks. The lending rate on this site is 6-13.5%, depending on the LTV, which is flexible — 50-80%.


With this platform, you will be able to borrow, exchange and increase your assets. The average annual interest rate here is 10% per annum. More than 40 cryptocurrencies will be available for you to borrow. You’ll also be able to use a convenient app to borrow anytime, anywhere. The site uses cold cryptocurrency and two-factor authentication.

Choose any of the crypto platforms we offered in this article, borrow the cryptocurrency you need, use it and get extra profit from your asset, which remains on the site as collateral.

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