Best Apps to Listen to Anime Songs

There is an audience for the music of every kind. But when it comes to anime, even those who are not aware of what these are, sometimes listen to and enjoy the tunes.

Mostly, it is an instrumental that accompanies a series the tempo of which sets the stage for what is coming in the story. Other times there is a complete song associated with the title that becomes a defining feature.

With catchy poetry that narrates some part or turning points of the manga, they are famous among the enthusiasts take for instance the Déjà vu Lyrics that relates the past experience to present events. This is why people search for apps for anime songs and there are applications out there for mobile phones that cater to this demand. So here we are with the best apps to listen to anime songs.

Apps for Anime Songs

Anime Music – OST, Nightcore, And J-Pop Collection

Coming from Anibi Ltd. this is one of the best applications for your android if you are looking for a genre-specific song player. Here you can search for your favorite song or artists from the manga world or from Japan Animation.

It lets you create your own playlist, lets you discover new releases, and much more. Such as you can explore the vast collection of opening and ending tracks from famous anime with a single tap. The only drawback with this application is that it is streaming only. You cannot download the files.

Anime Music

This one is brought to you by MUSIC ONLINE. The best feature it brings for the users is the ability to download and listen to manga songs with amazing lyrics offline.  Just get your android mobile phone or tablet connected to the internet and it is all fun.

With a separate section for this category, this is just curated for the purpose. You can search for a new soundtrack from the interface directly. Once you find what you are looking for it is your choice to either download it or listen online.

Anisound – Anime Music, Ringtones, Soundboard

Anisound created by Sunster has all manga-related sounds. This includes music, songs, soundboard, and special ringtones you are looking up on the internet for. Whatever your favorite show is, if you have been turning every corner of the online world upside down and not finding what you are looking for. This is for you.

It has all the best work sorted and categorized for you. Here create your own collection or search from the extensive files to get what you want. Tap to play, loop, pause or repeat any track that you like. Not just that you can share the work with your friends or get the file from them.

Just use the buttons to export or import or share songs with ease. Become an active part of the community by adding the missing sounds on the soundboard. With online and offline support, this is an app you cannot miss downloading.

Anime Music – Mix, OST, Otaku Chat, and Wallpapers

This application is created by Music Store Studio and you cannot expect a mediocre product from the makers. This means with a tap of your finger you can play millions of soundtracks, OST, songs, and mix versions from all your favorite manga series.

Explore the wide range of collections, customize and save the playlist on the cloud, search wallpapers, tune in to hundreds of radio stations, become a part of the Otaku community and chat with others and much more, all from this one app.

You can utilize the background and timer mode for sound sleep and relaxation. Search for a track or explore the latest, among the apps for anime songs, this one from Music Store Studio is worth your attention.

Anime Songs Apps

Anime Music – OST, Anime Music, and Nightcore

The list of best apps to listen to manga songs is not complete without mentioning this application from Fucidin. With this one on your android mobile phone or tablet get access to beautifully written millions of songs and soundtracks from the manga world for free.

Just get online and explore the world, pick one and let it stream across the phone to your ears, close your eyes and relax. Here you get the option to search for your favorite songs or artists in the search bar on the front screen.

Create playlists, discover new additions even from Vocaloid and Nightcore and gaming genre and enjoy it for free. Although the application is streaming only with no option to download the files, still it is one of the best bargains.


With catchy tunes, amazing lyrics, and interesting plots the tracks of this gene have a cult of their own. So here we have reviewed the best apps for anime songs. Tell us which one is your pick. If it is not here, we would like to know from you, what is your choice? Do comment below and let us know.

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