The 6 best MMO Games in 2021

Various MMO (games have a long and exciting history. But every year, online games are becoming more popular among gamers, displacing single and cooperative projects. This has become especially noticeable over the past 10 years. This TOP-6 includes the best, in my opinion, multiplayer online games, collected in random order. We hope that our readers would find them helpful.



Free MMO first-person shooter. The game has absorbed all the best: massive, multi-user, ground and air battles; great skill tree; class system; the ability to customize your fighter, weapon, vehicle, and more. And the fighting here can last days or even weeks.

Eight years after its release, the game is still fresh: interesting mechanics, a variety of unique weapons and equipment, outfit systems, and the ability to do what you want. This is a great multiplayer shooter, which you will not find alternatives today.

The map in the game is divided into sectors, the size of which is often equal to the largest map in Battlefield and dozens of such sectors. More than 96 players from each side can enter one such sector. This results in epic battles with up to 3,000 players at a time, all with technology, aircraft, and without borders: the enemy can always be bypassed. The only border is the border of a continent whose size is huge.

There are also elements of construction in the game. Players can build bases, turrets, shields, and other defensive objects. I highly recommend it to all fans of MMO and Battlefield.

World of Tanks
World of Tanks


The conditionally free strict world of tanks spares no one: whether you are 10 years old or 40. Belarus has managed to create a truly popular MMO in the setting of World War II, which has been played by millions of gamers for ten years. And since 2012, the game is an e-sports discipline.

Several sides of the conflict are presented. Players fight 15 to 15 in several modes, the essence of most of which is to destroy all enemy tanks. One such session lasts, on average, 15 minutes. At the player’s disposal are light, medium, and heavy tanks, manufactured and designed from the 30s to the 50s of the twentieth century, as well as artillery and self-propelled units.

Great importance is attached to the historical authenticity of combat vehicles. This applies to their appearance, the location of internal and external units, as well as the crew. You can pump and upgrade your tanks, and you need to pump not only tanks but also entire industries, which will give access to new types of tanks, equipment, and tests.

I consider a big disadvantage to have a lot of good equipment, which is available only for real money. And in general, developers are always happy to shake the money out of the player.



The first representative of the genre of royal battles, as we know it. Online PvP open-world shooter on Unreal Engine 4. Initially, the game was only a mod to Arma 3 but later grew into a separate project.

Hundreds of players are dropped from a plane on a remote island. The strongest survives. You can die here not only from the hands of the enemy but also from the electric field, which is gradually narrowing and periodic shelling, which destroys the remaining players.

From the weapon in the game, everything is presented – from a frying pan to a grenade launcher. It is extracted from abandoned bases, houses, cities, and also released from the air by plane. There are several types of cars for fast movement, but there is a lot of noise from cars and it is quite dangerous.

On the wave of popularity of PUBG, the modes of royal battle appeared in other already available games. Later, Fortnite: Battle Royale even surpassed the discoverer by becoming the leader of the genre.



Since mid-2000, World of WarCraft has appeared, a world that is primarily associated with the idea of ​​online gaming. As the years went by, one addition replaced another. Moreover, it is not always successful.

And when in 2018 Blizzard launched a demo version of the classic for a few days – the servers were full of players who want to try the proposed content. Fans even begged to extend the access period, although the demo itself consisted of only two locations and four levels for pumping. Even then, the success of the restart was obvious.

The developers listened to fans who split into two camps: veterans who wanted to get as close as possible to the same classic of 2004, with old graphics and without all these new-fashioned mechanics (like a Pokemon battle) and beginners who wanted modern graphics and all other charms. games.

The compromise was the ability to choose in the settings of the classic style of graphics. In other respects, the authenticity of the classics was diluted with fresh works and in the summer of 2019, all players had the opportunity to go to conquer the same vanilla, on official servers, and not on some pirate.

Needless to say, the servers were broken by the influx of players: queues to enter the game world, queues to kill the boss, queues to collect quest items. The expected success of the restart was confirmed. Then shine the changes that made WoW so popular: “The Burning Crusade” and “Wrath of the Lich King”.



The developers have worked well on the sequel: a completely new storyline, an updated pumping, and equipment system, as well as a changed approach to storytelling. In addition, a number of new activities on the global map have been added, raids and strikes have been improved, and PvE missions and PvP mode have been significantly improved. The main difference between the second part and the original is the presence of a PC version of the game.

Here is one of the best hybrids of PvE-PvP shooter, where the weapon feels so good. Graphics, plot, gameplay, a lot of different content – everything is there and everything is done well. The only thing that can scare – is too much information that falls on the head of a beginner. And so the game drags on for long hours.

The only downside – expensive additions, without which it will not be so interesting to play.



Here is one of the few massive Roguelike-MMO, which contains elements of various genres from independent developers. Distributed by free-to-play model. Until recently, one could hardly imagine such a combination, but during its existence, the game has managed to become very popular.

With easy gameplay borrowed from old-school 16-bit arcades and a powerful online component, the developers got a unique project. This is one of those games where you kill mobs, confuse them, upgrade a level, but all with one single goal, and then kill the same mobs, but stronger.

There is also a large open world, a variety of bosses with special tactics, dungeons (Dunge from the English. Dungeon – dungeon), which are made very stylishly, more than a dozen unique character classes with an individual style of play, many types of pets, hundreds of weapons and armor, potions, etc.

In general, in front of you is a popular time killer, which does not require a steep iron, but at the same time can give many hours of an interesting game.

That ends this list of online games, we hope that you like these games. If you’re looking to find more interesting games, guides and download the latest games, you should visit Gaming Beasts, one of the best resources to find useful gaming guides, reviews, and downloads.

Share your thoughts in the below comment section. We would be happy to hear from you and make this list even better.

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