Diamond Painting: The Ultimate Craft Now Trending on Tiktok

With people struggling to find new hobbies in the quarantine days, rising trends of diamond painting are no surprise. Diamond painting has taken the internet by storm, trending all across social media platforms since the pandemic began. But what is diamond painting? It is a DIY art and craft activity that involves assembling tiny, colorful diamonds onto a canvas. When you finish, it will turn into a handcrafted, shimmering piece of art. It is pretty much a self-explanatory activity that you can mindlessly do while listening to music or a podcast. One of the most admirable things about Diamond Painting (Broderie Diamant) is that it does not involve any screens or technology. Which a lot of people are looking to have a break from. 

Trends take over TikTok

If anything gains popularity during recent times, it most probably has been trending all across social media platforms. These platforms have become a source to either make or break trends online. Tiktok also plays a vital role in this. The enthusiasm for diamond painting was represented in statistical figures when the hashtag diamond painting started to trend in many countries during the lockdown period and accumulated more than 830 million posts with #diamondpainting. When people scroll down phones, watching Tiktok videos, they are intrigued by the clips of beautiful canvases and brightly colored diamonds turning into dazzling pieces of art.

As their interests develop, they join in on the trends and post their creation on Tiktok where other users watch them – the cycle continues. The algorithm of such apps works in a way that if you are interested in diamond painting, flashy ads and videos related to it will pop onto your screen and will make you question more about diamond painting. Accounts dedicated to diamond paintings like diamondpgs have attracted a massive number of 317,000 followers. Another channel, evel.anche makes ASMR diamond painting videos and has over 161,000 followers on Tiktok.

It is most likely the click sound of the diamond snapping right into its place, which leaves the audience satisfied. Apps like Tiktok are all about the aesthetic as that is what sells within the audience. The vibrant colors and extraordinary themes make you want to go on the internet and order yourself a kit to try the craft out.    

Diamond Painting: The Ultimate Craft Now Trending on Tiktok

How to Diamond Paint?

A Custom Diamond Painting comes in a kit that contains all the pieces to create a painting for yourself. Firstly, it has a canvas that is coded with numbers, colors, or alphabets. You will also see many packets of diamonds which come in different colors. Then there will also be a pen-like tool, a stylus, or as I like to call it- an applicator tool. It is used for picking up tiny diamonds because you won’t be able to do that with your fingers. Along with all of that, there will be a small tray in which the diamonds are poured so they face side up while you apply them onto the canvas. Lastly, comes a tiny square-cut piece of wax that is filled in the applicator tool.

Now the process of completing a diamond painting is very simple. Before starting your first project you will have to make a few preparations. These include straightening the canvas out and laying it on a hard surface. Then pour the diamonds into the tray carefully so that you do not spill them on the floor. After doing all that you can start pasting the diamonds on the canvas according to their corresponding numbers or codes. Soon you will be done with your project and the end product will be a sparkling diamond painting. 

Diamond Painting: The Ultimate Craft Now Trending on Tiktok

Why would you want to start diamond painting? 

  1. The most significant reason why you might want to consider taking diamond painting up as a hobby is that it does not involve a screen. We, as a generation, have our eyes glued to our mobile phones, laptops, and television screens which is extremely bad for our physical, mental, and intellectual health. This may be the only reason you need to start Diamond Painting. 
  2. The fact that this craft is so engrossing, yet so simple that even a child can do it makes it so much more interesting. It is a good fit and is enjoyed by almost every age group.
  3. You can do diamond painting together with your kids, parents, or siblings. It is also a fun activity to do while hanging out with your friends and will help to strengthen your bond with your loved ones.
  4. It is proven that diamond painting helps reduce stress and anxiety to improve mental health in general. The colourful and bright diamond beads will make a noticeable change to your daily mood, leaving you all happy and chirpy. In the pandemic where anxiety heightens, hobbies like diamond painting are a blessing in disguise.
  5. The repetitive process of picking the diamonds up and sticking them onto the canvas refines your motor skills and births good learning habits in general. Sitting there dedicated to completing the project also improves discipline within oneself. 
  6. Like Tiktok, many other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram have communities of diamond painters. They have discussions, share ideas, tips, and the art they made by themselves. Joining such communities allows you to make good friends with similar interests and get to know people of different cultures and ethnicities all across the globe. 
  7. It is an activity that requires a significant amount of time therefore, it is the perfect way to kill boredom during a lockdown and spend your days doing something fun and engaging.
  8. Unlike most hobbies, diamond painting gives you a beautiful piece of art once you are done. Now there are a lot of things you can do with it. You could either frame or hang it on a wall in your house, making the space much more personalized. You could also gift it to your loved ones on anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings, because who wouldn’t want a handcrafted present made out of pure love.

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