Euro 2020: Man United’s Mason Greenwood and Jesse Lingard are Missing Out

Mason Greenwood has chosen to withdraw from the provisional Euro 2020 team. Jesse Lingard is also missing out. Greenwood, who is only 19 years of age, was expected to make the 26-man party for the Championship after he managed to return to full-form at the end of the last season. Manchester United have said that he is going to remain in Manchester as he undergoes treatment for an injury he has experienced.

Euro 2020: Man United’s Mason Greenwood and Jesse Lingard are Missing Out

Greenwood’s Pulled Out

Lingard, who is 28, excelled greatly during a loan spell over at West Ham. This was during the second half of the Premier League. He scored 9 goals and he also made a total of 5 assists. This was across 16 appearances for the team. Southgate, the boss for England is going to be naming his final squad today with the six players due to be cut following the departure of Greenwood.

Greenwood featured in 52 games during the year’s campaign and he also scored a total of 12 goals. On top of this, he managed to finish second in the Premier League. He was also able to reach the final stage of the Europa League too. Movements like this could well affect the Euro 2021 odds.

Nation’s Victory League

He managed to make his debut with England at the Nation’s League victory last year but he has not been seen since. He and Phil Foden, a Manchester City forward have now both been told to leave the squad. United have not stated at all what the injury is but at the end of the day, it would seem that the withdrawal is because of a groin strain.

This is an underlying problem so the issue may have been exacerbated since. A statement has been released that states that Mason Greenwood has withdrawn from the squad so that he can recover from a previous injury that kept him out of the Under 21’s match in March.

Mason’s availability with the club was carefully managed so that he could remain as active as possible. That being said, only time will tell what is going to happen with the team and the final group.

Ward-Prowse is Also Not Active

The squad is being trimmed and the omission of Ward-Prowse is certainly suggesting that the England manager is entirely confident in his opinion of Jordan Henderson. He believes that he is fighting fit and that there are certainly good things to come from him. Lingard excelled when he played at West Ham but at the end of the day, the England manager believes that he has not done anywhere near enough to earn his place at the Championship.

Tensions may be running high in the game of football right now and there are some serious changes being made too, but at the end of the day, one thing is for certain. A lot of teams are hungry for a win right now, but only one can emerge victorious.

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