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Since Samsung launched their Galaxy series, each handset under this series has proven its own value and took them one step ahead in this industry. From Galaxy S to S6 and note 1 to note 4, they brought new features and powerful hardware and their users were kept growing. The newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is found to be their another flagship, it is very promising and quite surprising in terms of hardware capabilities.

Currently Note 5 booming the mobile market, people are searching this handset to know about it, its specification, new features and performance. Just a week ago, I decided to write about this handset so I researched about this handset and very glad to present this post “7 Features of Galaxy Note 5 That Will Blow Your Mind” and definitely it will blow your mind and  it should clarify your some doubts about Galaxy Note 5.

Without waiting anymore let’s go ahead and discuss the very useful features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

#1 Proven Camera

Best handset for people who are seeking a mini DSLR camera(we can say). 

Thanks to @laptopmag for sharing this video!

3# Incredible performance

It handles complex apps and games easily!

No wonder why this handset would carry powered hardware. The Note 5 does not lack power. It has the Galaxy S6’s class-leading octa-core Exynos 7420 processor with 4GB of RAM and Mali-T760 MP8 @ 772 MHz graphic chip.

Octa-core structure is made up following two processors:

  1. Four Cortex-A57 cores clocked at up to 2.1 GHz – it helps to run most complex tasks and apps easily and carry out’em without any lag.
  2. Four additional Cortex-A53 cores at up to 1.5 GHz – they come into play when low processor power is required.

This hierarchy of different processors leads to improved battery life as well.

Now about another major hardware component that is graphic chip. It offers eight shader congregates clocked at up to 772 MHz.

The performance is above the Adreno 430 (Snapdragon 810, most Advanced GPU chip) and PowerVR GX6450 (Apple A8, fitted onto Apple iPad Air 2).

[Source: NoteBookCheck, must visit this source to know more about the performance of this chipset, Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa]

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4# Wireless charging works even faster than before

Speeds up charging by a reported 30 percent!

Just like Note 4, it has same feature that works flawlessly to charge this powerful handset wirelessly. Well setup won’t come with the package, you’ll have purchase that charger from the market.

See what other said about this improved technology:

World’s first phones with fast wireless charging, Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+, get fully juiced in 2 hours”PhoneArena

“Thanks to a new wireless charger from Samsung, and embedded wireless charging technology in each phone, you can wirelessly charge each in 120 minutes. For comparison, a regular hard-wired fast charger can charge each in 90 minutes. And that’s with their big 3000mAh batteries. Not bad, right?”Droid LIfe

And many more!

5# Display that is Even better than iPhone

There is no match for QHD Super AMOLED display!

Apple devices are always known for their best display quality but this time Samsung has got something better than them. Even through  the iPhone 6 Plus has full HD display which is tremendous but quad HD screen is more than that.

The quad HD screen on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 comes with pixel density of 518 ppi, which is not so good but the picture quality is far better than the pixels count.


6# Inbuilt YouTube live-streaming

No longer need to use any third-party/external app for live-streaming purpose!

Samsung has tied up with YouTube and presented a very unique app which you’ll get inside this handset that is YouTube live streaming app. Basically this app allows to have live-streaming of video directly from the camera through YouTube account.

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Youtube live streaming feature on Note 5
Youtube live streaming feature on Note 5 [Credits: Engadget]
It works exactly what apps like Periscope and Meerkat does. That means, you’ll no longer need to use these apps as you’ll be having YouTube live-streaming app on this handset already!

7# Enhanced Security with Fingerprint and Eye Scanner

They significantly enhance the phone’s security!

On top of all, this new handset comes with these two sensor, Fingerprint and Eye Scanner. Of course these days security matters the most as on single handset we can store most of the personals and business related information. With these sensors, it would be very easy to encrypt your phone with unique finger print and retinal info.

So it ends our list of best features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The bottom line is that this handset is very impressive, with most advanced hardware and revised looks (very handy), it is a good blend of latest technology with beautiful looks.

⇒Stay tuned, we’ll be publishing more stuff for this handset very soon and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

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