Guide To Setting Up A Boardroom For The First Time

Modern board portal software providers offer services focused on various stages of board meetings. It is your additional resource to meet your board’s best practice needs throughout its entire process. Companies of all levels need to maintain high-quality corporate governance, apply best practices and continuously improve. It will allow you to stand out from the competition, grow from a good team to an outstanding one, and create the best paperless meeting solution.

Customize The Boardroom Based On Your Goals!

Launching a virtual board of directors from scratch is a significant undertaking that usually begins with selecting a provider. However, you have already chosen the perfect virtual board software for your team! So, what should be done next? Creating and customizing software is a critical component of the job that requires careful planning and execution if you want to be successful. Here are a few suggestions and recommendations to help you kick start your virtual meetings.

  • Set up the login for all board members. You can use the guest login of participants. It is the entrance of participants directly into the virtual room without prior registration. Automatic notifications from the system are not sent to participants with this sign-in method. Instead, the guest login link is sent manually by the manager in any available way (by mail, skype, etc.) or placed by the corporate CRM. You can also select options that require a password or limit the number of visitors to registered users only.
  • Select the logging and audio transmission method. You can use voice protocol only (through the computer’s microphone), teleconferencing only, or simulcast (audio is transmitted using both voice protocol and teleconferencing simultaneously). Your choice will depend on the preferences of board members, your platform, and your board management software pricing. Some providers offer free audio or teleconferencing. Others charge for one or the other. Ensure and verify that you have made the correct choice of recording meetings and transmitting audio and fully understand how to use it during a session.
  • As you work on customizing your feature set, make sure you add moderators, hosts, and presenters to your team’s users. After you make them participants with the necessary rights, you will need to make sure that they can log into the virtual boardroom before the meeting starts without problems.
  • Think over the design of your virtual boardroom in advance! There are many good, tried, and tested templates for optimal design and many ways to customize your branding (if your ISP allows it). In addition, you can completely customize the design for yourself. Here are just a few everyday items: Notes (for frequently asked questions and useful links), Members, Chat (here you can moderate and answer questions). Based on this design, you can get creative and add music, videos, questionnaires, and voting or other elements that you think are necessary.

Properly creating base settings will be vital in making the online board meeting run smoothly and influencing the virtual boardroom’s design. For example, you can prepare templates for surveys and presentations in advance, which will help you save time during the webinar. Therefore, if you have scheduled a study, you click on a pre-prepared one, and it will be ready to use.

Be Sure To Choose The Best Virtual Board Software!

Analyze what features and service packages the board portal offers. Check how much information you can upload, whether participants will be required to install additional programs and plug-ins, whether there is an option to record video and audio, and other technical capabilities. Is it possible to work from a mobile device? Is there technical support and the ability to change the language or work with a built-in online translator?

Compare the cost of different software and their features. It is advisable to test the selected software within a month. It is essential to pay attention to economic performance and staff feedback. Check if you can switch between basic features, which are free, and advanced features, which are charged for. Considering that any business continuously searches for new solutions during a crisis, the board management software often becomes outdated. It needs to be replaced with a more recent version.

Final Thoughts

Remote work gradually penetrates all spheres of life. Therefore, tools for distance learning, work, and communication are relevant. Board management software is a handy tool for holding board meetings. Members can transfer files, record and play messages, schedule upcoming board meetings, and receive summary reports on system usage. It is essential to choose a reliable provider and arrange the settings correctly!

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