Has Your Screen Time Increased: Here Are 5 Ways To Cut Down

Did you ever find yourself scrolling through your phone mindlessly, only to realize that you haven’t done anything of use?

Well, if it’s true, then let us tell you something – you’re not alone. According to a report, the residents of the United Kingdom spend around five hours on average on their mobile. 

This isn’t good news, though. Having an increased screen time can be pretty unproductive for us. It can also affect our physical stature to some extent. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Isn’t it obvious? You have to cut down your screen time as quickly as possible. So let’s keep reading to find out how you’re going to do it!

What Increases Screen Time?

The answer is pretty obvious, don’t you think?

We live in a digital era, where your smartphone can easily control every electronic device, your smartphone can track every activity, and every entertainment is on your smartphone.

Your smartphone is everything to you. Just forget your mobile in your home and go out, you will find that you have left a part of your soul in your home.

The major reason behind the increased time is how technologically dependent we have become. Need to transfer money, you have a mobile application for that, or you want to watch movies on OTT platforms.

When you are getting everything on your smartphone, it’s natural that your screen time will increase.

Although you are using your smartphone for doing essential tasks, it is important to understand that the more screen time increases, the more stress your body and eyes will have.

This is why we are here. Though we will not tell you to stop using your smartphone, we can certainly help you with strategies to reduce screen time.

Strategies To Reduce Your Screen Time

On the one hand, technology has helped us get more productive with our time. But at the same time, it has distracted us from creative thinking.

Speaking of becoming dependent on the phones, an average American spends almost 5 hours looking at their phone screen. Which is unhealthy and prevents the individuals from seeing what is valuable around them.

That being said, we are here with the strategies that can help you cut on the screen time and enjoy what’s around you.

1. Track Screen Times & Set Limits

While watching movies on thenewpiratebay, you might forget the time and just keep watching all the latest episodes of Euphoria. Having light entertainment to ease your mood is fine, but binge-watching is unproductive and unhealthy.

You must track your time and set limits on it. Plan your time accordingly and allot only enough time that will be necessary.

2. Establish Tech FREE Zone

This is really an interesting concept. Establishing a tech-free zone in your home is a great way to cut on your screen time. What is best about this strategy is that you’re reducing your screen time and helping other family members do the same.

Tech free zone is an allocated area in the house where you forbid yourself from using any technological gadget, even your mobile phones.

3. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Have you seen how most people have just too many applications on their phones? We mean, just think about a phone with multiple camera applications. Why would you need multiple when your original camera is the only use that is used for all camera applications.

The images will all remain the same.

And if you have a camera application for a different filter, just have one advanced filter application that can add filters to the images taken from the normal camera.

4. Check Your Picks Ups

Perhaps this is common for everyone. We are just habituated to looking at our screen for no reason. Unfortunately, the habit has become so bad that we do this every 10 minutes.

Although we look at the screen for 10 seconds, its collective impact is huge. In addition, don’t forget how it affects your productive flow.

5. Pick A New Hobby

Picking a new hobby that does not need any technology can be a great way to cut down your daily screen time. And down the line, you might learn something new.

While we are talking about picking a hobby, you can start reading books to read digital stories. That can be a good hobby to replace your online reading habit.

Prioritize More Face-To-Face Meetings!

We know that we live in a digital optimized world with applications and software that can help you communicate with other people. Well, that is good. But why not limit this software and applications only when it’s necessary.

For instance, if there is a friend near your house, instead of face timing it, why not meet them directly. That’s more fun! Don’t you think so?

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