Discover, or remember, the most excellent Android features.

There are certain Android features that we simply take for granted these days. Although these little extras may not be headlining the smartphone picture show, right now they have changed the mobile experience for the better!

Fast Charging

When you’re playing a  game and your battery is running low, I don’t think we appreciate how amazing it is that you can 100% charge your device in less than an hour. Instead of setting aside two hours or more to get your phone up and running again, you can jump on a charger for as little as 15 minutes, grab a few hours worth of juice, and get on with playing and winning.

The Autofill Option

This is a somewhat new addition, but, when Google enabled Autofill with the Android Oreo, they changed the game. You don’t need a Password Locker to store your logins anymore: the Autofill feature can retrieve that info instantly, and log you into the applications and services you need without your having to look anything up and then laboriously type it out.

You no longer need to keep a list of your passwords anywhere, except as they are stored securely by Google, and you don’t even have to type the complicated phrases out! Setting up your Android phone used to take a while, but, thanks to Autofill, it’s a matter of minutes before you are up and at ‘em.

The Always-On Display

This is a prime example of the kind of convenience all our gadgets should deliver. The Always-On Display allows you to view the time, what battery percentage you have left you, the date, and whether or not you have notifications waiting to be dealt with. Some versions nowadays even provide additional personalization by means of GIFs or photographs. This feature allows you to take in what’s happening at a glance, and you don’t need to activate and enter codes and such in order to get the information you need.

Rear Fingerprint Readers

It’s not just the last word in security that Fingerprint Readers deliver, in one small, convenient package, but the Rear versions are perfectly located, right where your fingers would naturally be resting if you were actually holding your phone. When you then need to unlock the device, pay for something, or activate an application, your fingers are already in the correct position, and you can get things sorted out at once.

The Name of the Game is Efficiency

At the end of the day, our Android smartphones and tablets are here to make our lives easier, and every step we take towards that is a win! Thanks to the kind of features that allow us to personalize every moment of our day, we have more free time, and they can use this as and when we want to thanks to the minutiae being taken care of.

Are you getting the most you can from your Android device? Take a minute and review all the optional extras to ensure you are!

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