The Best College Student Applications 2022

College life is not a joke to students. There are a lot of responsibilities on top of tedious lectures you need to recall. Keeping track of all this activity may be overwhelming. Thanks to technology! A collection of mobile applications can help you manage your busy schedule by adhering to the school routine.

You don’t need a fancy phone to use these apps, contradictory to what reviews suggest.  Below is a list of essential applications you can rely on to make your schedule manageable and workable.

The Best College Student Applications 2022

Any do

When you have a lot of activities to work on, you may easily forget. Therefore, you must develop a to-do list to help you plan and priorities your activities. Any make an application that will help you plan your to-do list and track all your movements. Instead of taking a pen to create a to-do list of what you need to remember the whole day, upload all your activity in this application. You can control the application either with a touch or voice. The application also allows you to sync with other connected devices for easy operations. You can as well add a widget to your home screen for easy processes.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens is an application that allows you to scan documents, recipes, whiteboards, magazines, among others. After reviewing your content, it converts them to PDF, which makes students’ work easy. The application eases jotting down notes in class by allowing access to the content with a simple click. With the application, you can scan the entire whiteboard. The application enables precise capturing of content from the whiteboard even when there is a glare or sitting angle.

Study blue

Study blue is a platform for online students reading. Therefore, it is a perfect application for students.

You can study, create and share a digital flashcard without any cost. You test yourself with questions, track your performance, and set a study reminder. Apart from the application part, the app has a website that allows you access to data and study materials. You can as well create and share flashcards with your teachers and students. Students can also search for flashcards shared by other students globally. You need to use the right keyword or school to search and access such materials on the application.


Evernote is an application that works with nearly all devices. It allows students to take and organize their notes for easy revision. With the application, you can either input the notes or scan the ones that are already complete. In addition, the application allows you to capture ideas as notebooks, searchable notes, checklists, and memos.

The application is among the most reliable and productive app. It allows you to create notes in different formats, including texts, audio, video, web clipping, photos, and sketches. In addition, you can attach your messages in a word document on this application which makes it easy to format and edit your work.


Regardless of the language you speak, this application will help you translate your content into your dialect. With the app, you can translate over 75 languages with more than 1500 glossaries. Furthermore, when using the application, you will never face the challenge of sourcing a translation for a foreign langue. Instead, you can search for any phrase from a foreign language and get its meaning from the app.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is another essential application that makes student’s life in class easy. The application allows you to convert your traditional class notes to a digital form. It also alerts you when it is time to study.


Applications are an essential part of students’ lives. They help in planning all activities and what you need to do for a successful study. In addition, some applications have a note-taking ability which makes the entire learning process super easy .once you have the suitable applications, analysis becomes enjoyable and manageable regardless of the tight schedules.

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