3 innovative Android apps to help you focus on your work

Need to study but can’t take your eyes off your phone? Deadline to finish your work is approaching but can’t stop stalking someone on instagram? We’ve all been there. It is very hard to stop checking your updates on phone and then get lost in the world of procrastination. But don’t worry. I’m rounding up a list of apps that you can find in the play store that will give you some incentive to focus and concentrate.

1. Forest


You might have already seen many plug-ins and apps that remind you or shut down your black listed sites. But Forest is not one of them. This app lets you grow a virtual tree as long as you are focused on your work. Should you check your phone – the tree dies. Once it grows into a fully developed tree the app donates to a foundation that either grows an actual plant in Zambia or India. Can this get any cooler?

Finish target and goals while contributing something to your planet.

Get Forest now:

2. Clear focus: Pomodoro timer


The Pomodoro technique has been around for a while now and is known to be one of the effective methods to stay productive. It helps you balance your work and rest time so that you don’t get worked up or too relaxed.

This app will set a timer (usually for 25 minutes but it is customizable) for set amount of time and will then give a short break (3-5 minutes, again customizable). After four long sets it gives you a long break.

Try the Pomodoro method to help you stay focused on your work using Clear focus from here:

3. Coffitivity


So this app creates noise to help you keep engaged in your work. Confused? Let me explain. Research shows that “white noise” aka small background noises let it be alpha waves music or faint noises of a city. This app recreates the ambience of a coffee shop to help you concentrate on your work.

And this might sound initially crazy, but it makes sense. It is on the same principle as noise cancellation head phones – create noise to eliminate noise. And over here, your distracting thoughts are your noise.

So go ahead and try this novel method of staying focused over here:

So there you have it! Let me know of an app you think helps you focus by taking a novel approach in the comments section below.

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