6 Best iPhone Themes For Android In 2024 {October Updated}

It’s no secret that Android is one of the most customisable mobile operating systems out there. That’s why you can change the interface on a phone with this OS easily, either through a theme shop specific to each customisation layer you’re using or a third-party app. iPhones are more closed in this regard, having iOS, but still have an interface that is quite attractive to many Android users. Luckily, there are numerous iPhone themes and apps for Android available for download today, and below we list the 6 best iOS iPhone launcher themes for Android users, list updated in October 2021.

With the following theme apps that you’ll find here, you’ll be able to make your Android phone look like an iPhone, as it will have the same interface as iOS since they mimic its look, as well as the appearance of its icons, widgets, effects, control centre and more. All you have to do is install them, then give them the necessary permissions to work, and that’s it.

HiPhone Launcher - MiniOS

1. HiPhone Launcher – MiniOS

The iPhone 13 was the first to get iOS 15, the latest and most advanced version of iOS so far. This one came with several changes; some of them were reflected at an aesthetic level, but without changing much of what we’ve already been seeing on the iPhone in terms of interface. Similarly, this app is a perfect copy of iOS 15, so you can easily turn an Android phone into an iPhone.

As well as mimicking the look and feel of iOS HiPhone Launcher – MiniOS, also has the smart search of a regular iPhone and comes with more than 30 wallpapers to customise your Android in many ways. It also has SmartToggle, with which you can activate different modes or functions such as silent mode, aeroplane mode and Bluetooth. The other thing is that it does not lack a Control Center and different options to customize the style, colour and other sections such as vibration.

Download this app here.

2. Launcher iOS 18

With over 5 million downloads on Google’s Play Store and a 4.7-star rating on the shop, Launcher iOS 18 is one of the best iPhone-themed launchers for Android of 2024. It also offers the same iOS UI on any Android phone, transforming any phone into a full-fledged iPhone.

With its iOS theme, this launcher makes your phone look nothing like an iPhone, as it comes with the same icons as an iPhone, as well as the effects, transitions, widgets and control centre with all the iOS options and notifications, among other things. It also perfectly mimics the lock screen of an iPhone and offers the typical iOS blurring effect when you select something specific.

Download this app here.

Control Center iOS 15

3. Control Center iOS 15

The Control Center in iOS 15, as well as previous versions of this operating system, is the envy of many Android users, as it is quite practical, as it houses many shortcuts and functions that make it very useful. So, if you don’t want to apply an iPhone theme to your phone, but you do want to have the Control Centre, in this case, iOS 15, this is the perfect app for that.

It works just like it does on any iPhone; just swipe up from the bottom to open Control Centre. To close it, swipe down from the top. With Control Centre you can turn on or off Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb mode, portrait orientation lock, access the camera and audio control, turn on the torch, and take a screenshot or record a screenshot, among other things.

Download this app here.

iLauncher X - new iOS theme for iPhone launcher

4. iLauncher X – new iOS theme for iPhone launcher

iPhone X Launcher is a very good iPhone theme application for Android, no doubt about it. The main thing it offers is the typical iOS interface, but not without numerous customisation options that allow you to change the size of app icons, as well as the size of labels, among other things.

It also comes with numerous effects and transitions, as well as a 3D touch menu and more. It’s lightweight, weighing less than 16MB, so it won’t slow down your Android phone at any time. It doesn’t have the iOS lock screen, though.

Download this app here

iLauncher for OS - Thousands Themes and Wallpapers

5. iLauncher for OS – Thousands Themes and Wallpapers

This is an excellent iPhone theme app from Google’s Play Store is iLauncher for OS, one with different wallpapers and interface based on iOS 13 for Android phones that promises to turn any phone into an iPhone quickly and easily, with all the icons, animations and effects that iOS 13 has.

It comes with 3D touch, the option to hide apps, a weather widget, several themes to choose from and more.

Download this app here.

OS13 Launcher, Control Center, i OS13 Theme

6. OS17 Launcher, i OS17 Theme

And to finish with another excellent alternative to the previous iPhone theme applications for Android, we bring this app, one with which you can turn any Android phone into an iPhone.

It’s compatible with any Android with version 4.4 or higher, so there’s virtually no phone that won’t accept it. Also among its main features are the iOS icon pack for apps, Control Centre for different function and app shortcuts, over 500 themes and wallpapers eligible for customisation, iOS weather widget, quick app search and unread/unseen red dot notifier for apps, among other things. It also features numerous transition effects and animations, as well as the option to hide or lock apps.

The other thing is that it supports font (typeface) switching and three colour modes, which are light, dark and auto-adaptive.

Download this app here.

So, these are the best themes and launcher options for Android users as of now who would like to turn their Android phone looks similar to iPhone. Did you find this list helpful? Or have something better, make sure to drop your comments below. That be amazing to hear your thoughts!

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