5 Android Apps to keep your New Year Resolutions on track

We are in the first week of January- A week where every you will find the maximum new year resolutions- only to be broken by the month end. You may post these resolutions on your facebook wall, hoping that may be saying it out loud will help you accomplish your tasks but it is only vogue to post about resolution. There are other ways that people try to keep the new year resolutions alive- keeping someone – a close friend, or family member incharge of reminding them of the resolution so that there is some external pressure to pursue it.

But I think the only successful force to keep you up with your aims and ambitions is the one that comes from within. With your smartphone always at an arm’s length from you, we recommend you try these Android apps to make sure you achieve your set goal and your resolutions don’t die away.

1. Save more with Monefy

If you resolve to spend less money (or optimum) and save more then this is the app to go. Monefy helps you track your expenses in an easy and non-redundant manner. You can synchronize your entries across devices using your Dropbox account.

The best part about this is adding new etries is pretty easy. This is bottle neck in many cases which discourages us from making any entry in the first place.

You can download this app here





2. Stay fit with GoogleFitness

Google fitness with its beautiful interface is an outstanding app in the crowd of fitness apps. The Google Fitness lets to make targets based on steps, time, distance or calories burned. It tracks your progress and makes personalized recommendations based on your performance so far.

It is needless to say you can sync it across your devices. It also aggregates data from other devices that you are using like Nike+, Lifesum, Runkeeper etc.

You can download it here.





3. Quit Smoking with QuitNow!


I really don’t have to go into details of why smoking is injurious to health and why anyone into this habit should quit smoking as soon as they can. This is one of the most common resolutions that many take on the first of January. It is undoubtedly a very important and at the same time very difficult to follow through. Android App- Quit Smoking is here to assist you in your journey to quitting this hazardous habit. It helps you track your progress in getting rid of the addiction by telling you the time of your last drag. It gives you statistics about how much you saved by quitting. The Quit Now app gives you encouraging messages to keep you motivated in your pursuit.

You can download Quit Smoking app here




4. Learn new language with Duolingo


This is another most common new year resolution that never sees its end. Duolingo App is here to help. Duolingo is a free language learning apps without any fee or ads. Duolingo provides language lessons for French,Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Esperanto, Polish, Turkish etc.

The language lessons are designed as bite size and easy to practice.

You can download the App here





5. Stay organised with


The is one resolution which if followed will help you keep up all your other resolutions. Stay on top of your to do list and divide your goals into small tasks using to do lists.

You can add files, attachments and notes to the tasks in You can also set location and time based reminders. Like almost any other to do list, also syncs across all your devices. beautiful interface of Any.    do makes it very intuitive to create and maintain a to- do list.

You can download the app here




We hope that with these Android apps you stay on top of your resolutions and achieve your goals. We wish you good luck in all your endeavor. Here’s wishing you a very happy New Year.

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