Top-10 Forestry Software for Forest Management

We all value our forests for different reasons, including the animals and their habitat, recreation, water supply, cultural and historical values, and forest products. Making sure our forests can provide all of these values for the long term is what we call sustainable forest management. When something is sustainable, this means it can provide for us and our future generations.

Experts use forestry software to make sure that resources within our forests are not exhausted and are managed efficiently for the long term. It helps them to plan and execute all forest activities with precision. Modern forest software comes with a digital interface where users can manage complex workflows needed to meet environmental, business, and jurisdictional requirements.

With the forestry software, users can manage all types of forestry activities such as managing contracts, forecasting, monitoring inventory, and geospatial data analysis. The geospatial data analytics market keeps on growing, providing users with more accurate data. It helps companies or individuals predict forest output and efficiently use their resources. They are able to create events on a calendar and assign equipment to perform specific tasks in the forests. These systems can also help managers keep track of regulations and industry standard practices to avoid penalties. Some can also come with trade components that manage payments and document financial transactions. With these platforms, users can monitor their inventory, personnel, and equipment. Common functionality of forest management platforms is granting users the ability to access the value of their harvests. This information enforces transparent practices and increases profits. These tools can also provide reports for accounting and database management purposes.

Top-10 Forestry Software

There is a lot of forestry software in the market today. However, this article will talk about the top ten that are worth your attention:

EOS Forest Monitoring

EOS Forest Monitoring is a top-notch forestry management software designed by EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA). The company is among the best providers of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics worldwide. They provide Earth observation solutions that help businesses from more than 22 industries make better decisions. However, they are mainly focused on the geospatial data analysis in agriculture and forestry to ensure effective decision-making. Check here to review the product and learn more about how geospatial data analysis helps these industries.

EOS Forest Monitoring uses satellite imagery to help logging companies, landowners, research institutions, and other concerned parties to track the state of forest stands remotely. It also provides users with up-to-date data on their forests, including deforestation, productivity, water stress, and thermal anomalies. The software acts as a central hub for managing all forest activities and also provides notifications about critical changes in the forest cover to detect any hazards in a timely manner. 


This tool was designed to help sawmill enterprises manage their accounting and inventory. It gives them the ability to price their goods dynamically, scan barcodes, track log and wood inventory, track production, and manage their yards.  Employees can use this tool to measure logs. They are also able to determine prices based on log quality and species.

Admins can restrict access to certain functions and data within the app. They can ensure that only users in a specific role have access to certain functions. Using this tool, crew members can also generate reports, organize logs, and manage profits or losses. Tally-I/O also helps employers track the movement and location of logs and personnel work progress.


LOGR is a tool that helps users manage wood fiber goods and their delivery locations. Using this tool, you can control driver permissions, manage contracts and equipment. Drivers are able to generate accurate and traceable eDockets using this tool. LOGR augments the chained responsibility of those involved in the supplying, buying, and hauling of wood fiber goods. This is carried out in real-time by using GPS, driver authentication, geofences, timestamps, etc.


ArborStar is a business management platform created by arborists for tree care and landscape companies. This tool can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for smooth and uninterrupted communication between the office employees and fieldworkers.

The ArboStar platform helps users manage their landscape business seamlessly. This tool differs from other business management platforms, because it is created specifically for arborists. It provides advanced functionalities such as managing customer relationships, managing equipment and fields, Accounting, and business analytics.


TRACT is an accounting, logistics, and forestry procurement solution. This tool helps users run their timber operations efficiently. The smartphone application provides managers, foresters, and administrators with valuable data for better business decision making. It is made to scale with the business. So, it is suitable for startups and already well-established businesses.

Yaali Forestry Management

This platform helps users track log inventory, shipment of by-product, cost accounting, timber harvesting data, logger certifications, financial management, and other activities involved in forest management. Using this information, companies can increase their earnings and efficiently use resources.

Tree Plotter INVENTORY

This platform is designed for landscape and tree care companies. It is an analytics solution that helps them communicate and make informed decisions by collecting and analyzing information on trees. TreePlotter INVENTORY helps users manage their tree inventory on any device.


ArboNote is a tool that helps users manage forest and trees. Here, they can manage projects, work orders, and collect information in one central hub. With its customer relationship module, employees can collect customer signatures, generate estimates, record interactions, and receive emails.

The tool helps in managing tree inventory because users are able to upload images and include details about the tree, such as species, height, name, etc.


SingleOps is another well-known business management tool created for arborist companies. Users can use features such as QuickBooks to manage accounting and CRM for their client management. This is a great tool for tree care businesses that want to scale quickly. It can also help in managing workers and inventory, process work orders, and help you manage the business efficiently.

Connected Forest

This tool provides fiber, forest, and land solutions to augment the operations and profits of forest product companies that are involved in social, environmental, and land management.

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