How to unlock bootloader of Moto X Style XT1575

Moto X Style XT1575, also known as Moto X Pure Edition is a power-packed device, which is going to be release very soon. It is an amazing device, backed by 3 GB RAM, Dual-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A57 & quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53 and power by latest Adreno 418 graphic chip makes it a one of best Android smart phone available. Since Motorola made their re-entry with Moto devices (1st Gen) to till now, they are becoming competitive in almost all budget segments.

If you are looking to unlock bootloader of Moto X Style XT1575, then this post will help you in most easy manner. Unlocking bootloader is a very first step to open the door to access real power device. After it, one can easily root our device, install custom recovery, custom roms and third-party roms to stretch the capability and usability of the device.

We’ll use Mini Fastboot tool to unlock the bootloader of Moto X Style through Adb commands. You’ll need not to be expert or it is not a rocket science, you’ll need to keep following all the steps mentioned here without skipping any of them.


  • Most importantly remember that it will wipe out the entire memory completely. Everything present in the phone will be deleted and it cannot be undo! Save all the important stuff to some safe place.
  • It will void the warranty of your device and you’ll lose access to after sale service from respective manufacture.

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You’ll need a windows based PC with internet connectivity to download required files!


  • Download the Fastboot Tool from here and Extract it your PC.
  • Download the Motorola device manager from here and Install it on your PC. It will install required USB drivers for your device so it can be detected by PC.

Now let’s do it!

How to unlock bootloader of Moto X Style

Step 1: Turn off you phone.

Step 2: Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together for 5-7 seconds and release them to get in fastboot mode as follows,fastboot mode moto g

Step 3: Connect your device to your PC using USB cable.

Step 4: Now from the extracted folder, Fastboot, open “Run me.bat” file to open Fastboot Command prompt window.

Step 5: Type the following command on it,

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

Step 6: After that, you’ll see some alpha numeric codes in different lines, just like the below image,Unlock bootloader of Moto G 3rd Gen

Step 7: Select and copy that code lines using your mouse paste it on notepad in a single line (place all the code in a single line, like long queue) and remove any space available in it. getunlockdata

Step 8: Now, visit motorola’s unlock the boot loader site  and sign in the site with you Gmail Id or Google +.

Step 9: Once you signed up with this site, you’ll land to “UNLOCK YOUR BOOTLOADER”  page, where all the steps are mentioned to unlock this device and you’ll need to go to step 6, where you need to enter the code that we’ve got from command prompt.

Step 10: Paste that code into that box and click on button “Can my device be unlocked?” to see whether your device can be unlocked or not.

Step 11: Once you get the positive response, scroll down the page and at the bottom, Check I agree and click Request Unlock Key. Then the Unlock key will be sent to your Gmail ID, through which you’ve logged-in to Motorola’s site.

Step 12: Now go back to command prompt and type following command:

fastboot oem unlock YOURKEY

Step 13: Type following:

fastboot reboot

Once you done it, your device will reboot. At the time of booting, you’ll a warning screen with white background with some text written with Red and back color just like below image:

unlock bootloader of Moto X Style
Unlocked bootloader of Moto Style X

Congratulation! You’ve successfully unlocked your device. Now you are free to root it and install third-party roms and recoveries! That’s all about our guide on unlocking the bootloader of Moto X Style XT1575.

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