5 Best Software To See Who My Girlfriend is Texting

People are more connected to their social media friends than the ones in real life. Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are used by people of all ages. Due to increased security measures, you can’t sneak peek into anyone’s account without their consent.

You must be worried about your girlfriend if she is glued to her phone 24*7. Parents are also more concerned about the social networking of their kids. To know the reason why your loved ones are extra possessive about their phones, you need a hacking application.

If you ever wished for an easy spying solution to keep an eye on your spouse, you should know that numerous applications are there which work just like a personal spy agent. To know more about online spying utilities, stay with me till the end.

Check Who your Girlfriend is texting

Yes, now you can catch a betrayal spouse red-handed with all the proof. You can monitor his activities round the clock whereas he would not get any clue of all this. Online spying applications have replaced secret agents as you have a portable agent in your hand.

Thousands of links pop up when you search for the hacking app. To save you from the trap of online scammers, we have tried and tested many spying applications and got the finest ones for you. The applications discussed in this article will be helpful to catch a cheating spouse.

1. Spyier, Spy on Your Cheating Spouse Intelligently

Spyier has been leading spying applications’ industry as monitoring any mobile phone is available via Spyier. Many top-notch media channels have illustrated Spyier on their platform as a reliable application for spying such as Life wire, Toms Guide Digital Trends and Forbes.

Spyier, Spy on Your Cheating Spouse Intelligently

Spyier is an all-in-one solution to spy over all kinds of operating systems to get every bit of information. You can spy on your girlfriend’s mobile round the clock to track her activities. Spyier is designed with a user-friendly interface so that novices can use it without any help.

The cutting-edge technology of Spyier helped it to get the top-rank in spying applications. The size of Spyier is less than 2MB so it does not interfere in the regular execution of other processes thus goes unnoticed. It proffers remote spying from any web browser.

How does Spyier Works

How does Spyier Works?

The stealth technology of Spyier is optimum to use Spyier to read my girlfriend’s text messages while she can’t get any clue of being monitored. Spyier will help you spy over the conversations of your girlfriend effortlessly.

how to use Spyier

To have a detailed look about how to use Spyier, here is a stepwise guide for you:

Step 1: Signup with Spyier

The first step is to create your Spyier account from the official web. Enter the required information correctly and provide a valid email address.

Step 2: Select Target Device Type

After registering your account with Spyier, the next thing is to select the device. Choose the device type used by your girlfriend either iPhone or Android phone. Spyier offers remote installation features for iOS devices but one time access to Android phones is required for installing Spyier.


Step 3: Open Spyier Dashboard

After providing permissions to the relevant messaging application, finish the Spyier setup wizard to begin the spying process. Move the cursor to the Start button and conversations saved to your girlfriend’s mobile phone will be synchronized with Spyier dashboard in a blink of an eye.


Spying Conveniences brought up by Spyier

The list amenities that Spyier brings up for you rather than just reading your girlfriends’ messages go long. However, you can get a fine idea by reading the subsequent ones:

● Check Photos and Videos

Spyier has a number of spying services in the left pane. Click on the photos and videos tab to preview what your girlfriend has in her gallery. You can also save them to your computer with a click.


● Enable Geo-Fence Alerts

Spyier presents geofence alerts that send you a notification when the target device goes out of your specified boundary. You can mark a virtual borderline on the map from the Spyier dashboard. You can track her real-time location and past check-ins without going behind her.


● Monitor Social Media Applications

You can oversee her social networking activities including the hidden posts and private conversations. All social media accounts running on the target device are easily accessible from the Spyier dashboard.


● Track Call logs and Contact Details

Spyier dashboard provides easy access to her call logs. You can check her mostly used contact information by clicking on the contact tab. The number of calls and duration is also attached along with the contact number.


● Preview Browser History

Hit the Browser tab from the left pane of Spyier to oversee the searches made by your girlfriend on a different internet browser. Even if she clears the history, you will still get the traces in logged data.


2. Minspy

Minspy presents easier hacking services and saves you from writing various lines of code for jailbreaking the device to penetrate into the target device. Install Minspy on your girlfriend’s handheld devices and start remotely spying her from any internet-capable device.


You can oversee her activities on online networking platforms and track her WhatsApp messages surreptitiously. Minspy does not reveal your identity as personal information is never saved to the Minspy database.

3. Spyine

Spyine holds the qualities of an intelligent spy agent as it secretly keeps an eye on your girlfriend’s mobile phone. You can go to the other corner of the world but Minspy will be there to help you by remotely accessing the data on her mobile.


You can check her call longs and her favorites list. Conversations from social media accounts as well as iMessages are also logged to Minspy with timestamps. You can access her messages anywhere, anytime using any digital device with an active internet connection.

4. Spyic

Your search for a reliable and secure spying application ends when you navigate to the official website of Spyic. It is the ultimate solution for spying over all kinds of operating systems. You can read all her sent and received messages by logging in to your Spyic account.


Spyic dashboard holds all types of files exchanged from target device including multimedia messages. You can sneak peek at her photos, images and check her most dialed numbers.

5. Cocospy

Cocospy is a perfect solution for those who are not familiar with hacking practices. You can get all the data stored on your girlfriend’s mobile phone without jailbreaking her devices. Cocospy is a root-free spying application to help you catch cheating spouses red-handed.


Moreover, you can preview her media files and messages exchanged over social networking sites. Cocospy records all keystrokes of her mobile phone which is helpful to hack her accounts secretively.


These applications have been ranked in top-notch spying applications due to the best encryption algorithms and user-friendly interface. Spyier relieves you from resetting your girlfriend’s device to spy on her messages. Just install the application and monitor her messages remotely. Physical access to the target device is not mandatory when you begin spying with these applications.

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