A Brief Guide to Call of Duty Guns

With hundreds of millions of active players, Call of Duty is one of the most popular esports in the world. The game features exciting tournaments full of CoD betting opportunities but it’s also fun as a pastime activity. If you’re an expert at it, you probably know its elements very well. But if you’re new to the franchise, this guide will offer you an introduction to its guns.

A Brief Guide to Call of Duty Guns

Characteristics of Call of Duty Guns

In CoD, no gun is perfect in every single way. You usually need to compromise on something in order to get something else. To make better choices, you need to understand the key attributes of each gun and then figure out what works best for your preferred playstyle and the role you fulfill within your team.


Accuracy, as the name implies, tells you how accurate a gun is when utilized from the hip. Some guns are a lot more accurate than others and therefore, they can be used more carelessly. Others need a higher level of skill on your part to be effective. If you’re a novice, try to use more accurate weapons.


In CoD, damage tells you what HP the opponent will lose (on average, of course) if you shoot him with a given gun. Some guns have higher damage than others. But you need to be careful, because the higher the damage the lower some of the remaining attributes will be.

The damage of each weapon is subject to change. So, at the start of a new CoD season, it’s a good idea to check the attributes of your favorite guns and see if they’re still worth using.


Some guns, such as snipers, are great from a long range but will not be so good from a short one. Others are great for close-range combat but are completely useless from afar. So it’s a good idea to always ask yourself: how far am I from my opponents and what will work best in this situation?


If you need to move quickly, use a gun with high mobility. But if relocating is not important for you, sacrifice mobility to get more damage, range, or other benefits, and pick your gun without worrying too much about this aspect.

Fire Rate

Some guns can shoot more bullets per minute than others. A pistol usually has a poor firing rate while an assault rifle has an excellent one.


Once you start shooting, your gun starts to move. Some guns have low recoil and don’t sway very much, while others shake wildly. Again, if you’re not an experienced Call of Duty player, pick guns that score higher for this attribute.

The Types of Guns You Can Choose From in CoD

In Call of Duty, the range of options when it comes to guns is quite impressive. There are around 70 guns in total and they fall into these categories:

Assault Rifles

These are probably the most well-balanced guns in the game. Many players love the Man-O-War and the AK-47, but there are many other options that work well.

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Sniper Rifles

If your goal is to get quick kills from a long range, sniper rifles are a great choice. Be warned, however, that your aim needs to be really good to be effective with these kinds of weapons.


Light machine guns work well at short range and have a high fire rate, but their accuracy is questionable, to say the least. However, some players love to use them.


If fire rate and mobility are what you’re after, SMGs are probably the best choice.


Shotguns are your close-range snipers. They deal great damage but have a low fire rate. The accuracy of these guns is excellent.

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Marksman Rifles

Marksman rifles are lower-damage snipers with higher mobility. They’re generally used by players who need to move around more than the usual sniper.


Pistols have good damage, high accuracy, and excellent control, but you’ll usually want to avoid them because you’ll get outgunned. However, sometimes you need to make do with what you have available.


You’ll rarely use a melee weapon in CoD but when you do, it will probably be a Katana or a basic Knife.

LaunchersLaunchers are for those who like to play the game in a high-risk, high-reward style. They’re very fun to use but they’re not recommended unless you know exactly how to handle them.

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