A Series of Interesting Choices With The Oregon Trail Game

Oregon Trail is a brutal game based on the difficult lives of the pioneers in the 19th century.

The game was first released to teach eighth-graders about the harsh reality of the real-life Oregon Trail. They pulled it off wonderfully by making students aware of the struggles and challenges of the pioneers in an entertaining and memorable way.

After getting released, this game soon became a huge success because it kept the players on edge with its fun and surprising elements. This aspect made the educational game as entertaining as any other computer game.

It didn’t take long for the Oregon Trail game to become popular. It has been re-released time and time again, with the latest version released by Gameloft in 2021.

Making difficult choices is a big part of these games, and in this post, we dive into how they influence your gameplay.

Different Choices with the Game

The highlight of the Oregon Trail game is that at each step, it offers choices to the players that can help them increase their chances of winning. With each right choice, the players get one step closer to completing the journey.

In addition to teaching about how the pioneers travelled, the game also teaches players inventory and risk management. Everything from packing clothes to food decides how far you can go and how long you can survive in the game.


Upon starting the game, you will encounter three difficulty settings or choices. These includes:

  • Banker ($1600)
  • Carpenter ($800, 2× points)
  • Farmer ($400, 3× points)

Each of these professions is nearly the same in the game. But the difference lies in the bonus point and the starting money.

A point to note here is that your journey will be easy if you choose the banker profession. With the carpenter profession, it will get a little difficult, and by choosing a farmer, the difficulty level will further increase.

Experienced players who want to beat their high scores are usually the only ones who pick the Farmer profile. 

Start Date

As the Oregon Trail player, you have two choices. You can either start the journey earlier on in the year or in the later months.

You must always choose to start early. Because when you leave early, you can burn time, but if you are late, you might have to face harsh climatic conditions on the trail, which can further make your journey difficult.

Surviving on a trail depends on how calculated decisions you can make. The ideal time to leave is around spring, i.e., April. Around this time, traders won’t get cold, and they can avoid falling ill and getting wiped out.

Buying Items

The amount of stuff you can buy depends on your profession. For instance, if you are a banker, you could purchase more items and start luxuriously.

With this profile, you can get 9 yokes (18 oxen), 3 of each spare part, 20 sets of clothes, and 2000 pounds of food. Meanwhile, the number of bullets you can take with you on the trail depends on you. So, if you want to play a really easy game, you must choose a banker.

On the other hand, you get a limited budget if you are a farmer. That means you can only purchase a limited amount of basic supplies. If you purchase 3 yokes (6 oxen), 20 boxes of bullets, 2 of each spare part, and 15 sets of clothes, you will end up with $30 to spare. For the food, you need to hunt wild animals.

Mode of Transportation

Choosing the right mode of transportation and animal is one of the few things you must choose correctly. If you want to have a fast-paced game, you can stick with a smaller wagon and horses. Usually, beginners choose the Prairie Schooner wagon.

Also, check the wheel of the wagon before starting the Oregon game. Wide wheels will ensure the wagon doesn’t sink into muddy terrain, and bigger wheels can roll through obstacles.

Pace and Rest

Players treat the Oregon Trail like a race. But it’s a marathon where you can go long distances by playing the game correctly.

So, instead of keeping the game fast-paced. You should try to rest at certain intervals. Doing this will not only keep the party’s health in check, but it will also make sure that the party doesn’t die of exhaustion.

Conclusion: Ready to Play Oregon Trail for Free on Your Browser?

Oregon Trail is a fun game that can help you learn so many things about the life of the pioneers without breaking a sweat or dozing off due to boredom.

Now that you understand the various mechanics of the game, you will be able to beat Oregon Trail easily. You can play Oregon Trail game free on your browser.

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