7 Best Offline Racing Games for Android and iOS (2022)

Even if they are a bit simpler than the options intended for PCs and consoles, the best offline racing games for Android and iOS mobile phones still manage to guarantee very entertaining experiences for fans of high speed. That’s right, these games feature controls adapted for smartphones and some exclusives that always manage to guarantee fun and maintain good levels of engagement. And yes, to prove it, I’ve put together a shortlist with some of the best options currently available… let’s take a look?

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

With a strong presence in several lists with the best offline racing games for Android and iOS, Asphalt 8: Airborne is the perfect option to give a “start” in this selection. Despite belonging to a franchise that already has a more recent title, this is an option that marked an era and continues to ensure the fun of many people.

With beautiful graphics, many cars, challenging tracks and electrifying gameplay, the game is an almost mandatory option for fans of high speed. Be sure to check.

2. CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games

Focusing on the so-called “starter disputes”, CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games is a game that represents the culture of motorsports with a high level of realism. Moreover, the customization options really put us in control of our cars’ performance and give us a “taste” of real-life challenges.

It is worth noting that the single-player campaign is quite challenging and manages to engage to the maximum. In other words, this alternative has everything to hold your attention in many ways and for a long time.

3. GT Racing 2

Focusing on offering a slightly more simulation-oriented experience, GT Racing 2 features beautifully designed buildings and a variety of vehicle options. To give you an idea, the game features machines created by 37 manufacturers and even gives us the chance to customize them to the maximum.

And if that were not enough, we still have several tracks, skill challenges, events and very accurate physics. Without a doubt, this game will quench your “thirst for speed”.

4. Horizon Chase

Cited by many as the “Brazilian Top Gear”, Horizon Chase stands out for presenting a unique visual style and for modernizing the structures of more classic racing games. The gameplay with the title follows a more arcade line and this ends up increasing the casual nature of the experience.

However, as the game is always receiving new content packs, we always end up having new things to check. Therefore, we have here a title that really deserves to be placed among the best offline racing games for mobile Android and iOS.

5. Race Master

For those who have more modest mobile phones, Race Master is certainly an alternative that deserves attention. The game presents the races from a different perspective (in the style of the classic F-Zero) and does not leave much to be desired, with regard to disputes and challenges.

In short, even not offering a large number of cars, the title is able to ensure good hours of fun. Therefore, I suggest that you don’t fail to make a “test drive”, especially if you are looking for something a little more casual.

6. Real Racing 3

When the subject is high speed on mobile devices, the Real Racing franchise always ends up being one of the first to be remembered by players. And it’s not without reason. This series offers levels of simulation that are second to none in PC and console games and its challenges are always exciting.

In the case of this list, I decided to mention the great Real Racing 3, because it is the apex of the franchise at the moment. Remember that the game requires a little more mobile phones, but deserves to be tasted with great attention.

7. Top Speed 2

In the “finish line” of this list with the best offline racing games for Android and iOS, we have the fun Top Speed 2. This is another option that focuses on the so-called “start-up disputes” and, therefore, their controls are quite simple and much of the appeal of the experience ends up keeping a relationship with the preparation phase of the vehicles.

Anyway, the title is a guarantee of fun and still deserves praise for making us feel the speed at our fingertips. It’s worth a try.

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