Great Support Champions in League of Legends and why they are important

More often than not, the DPS champion gets most of the praise in the League of Legends (LoL). However, the success of your LoL team also hinges on other team players, and the one that’s most overlooked is the game’s support. According to, the support champion often goes unnoticed as they’re considered to be the weakest and easiest role.

But any professional coach or player knows this notion isn’t correct as these champions play an integral role in determining whether you’ll emerge a winner.  After all, the support champions play the crucial role of helping out in destroying the opponent. With that said, support champions boast different capabilities so let’s look at the best options to go with when playing LoL.

1. Thresh

Thresh is, at the moment, undoubtedly the perfect support champion in LoL.  The qualities that make this aggressive or engage support character who comes from the Shadow Isles an ideal choice include;

  • An ultimate for shutting down your enemies
  • A hook you can use to reign in your opponents
  • A lantern that allows him to deliver lifetime torture to the enemies

Another pleasing attribute about this character is that he’s aggressive and defensive. In addition, he’s always available to back up the ADC whenever required. However, Thresh doesn’t have any escape capabilities, and you need a certain level of skill to be able to control him best.

2. Lulu

If used correctly, Lulu is an excellent support. After all, she boasts abilities that come in handy when facing your enemies, such as;

  • Slowing down your opponents
  • Speeding herself or other champions
  • Protecting herself or other team members

These abilities are crucial to annoy your enemies, thereby thinking of a way to defeat them. In addition, her ultimate skill is Wild Growth which gives her or an allied champion a significant health boost.

3. Leona

This character plays an excellent support champion as they can play both defensively and aggressively. As the queen of stuns, her abilities allow her to root or stun her enemies, who resort to avoiding her altogether. Due to her aggressive nature, she always aims to do lots of stuns, which comes especially in handy during team fights. This is especially useful earlier in the game when your enemies haven’t yet constructed any items.   

It’s best to pair Leona together with your ADC champion for her to release her entire potential. In addition, she’s an excellent toolbox support champion due to having close to every item needed for added flare and boosts.

4. Sona

While this support champion was weak, she’s now in the current meta a lot more powerful. As a result, she’s become a go-to pick for most players and still enjoys a high win rate. Sona plays as an amplifier, healer, and occasionally an initiator. When used properly, she can quickly change your fortune thanks to her skills such as;

  • Speeding allies 
  • Healing allied champions 
  • Increasing damage while constraining your opponents

Because many players are yet to acknowledge her true powers, she’s an ideal pick for catching your opponents by surprise. 

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