Creating SkillHub — Best Resume Builder on the Web: A Brief Overview

Today, SkillHub is one of the best career resources available out there. It is a place where everyone can get the professional help they need to land a job with ease.

Throughout their experience in the career help sector, the team has successfully completed hundreds of job-winning resumes and helped specialists from various fields to impress their future employers. But, how did they get here? Let us take you behind the scenes and tell you more about the team!

Creating SkillHub - Best Resume Builder on the Web: A Brief Overview

Who They Are?

SkillHub is there to help you begin or advance your career. The team helps specialists make just the right impression on any hiring manager and land an interview by submitting flawless applications.

But, don’t get mistaken, SkillHub is not just another resume builder you can find online. These are a specialized resume writing and editing service that helps you craft a winning resume and get employed without a hassle.

This service has been around for quite a while. They started out as a dedicated team of same-minded professionals who wanted to leverage their knowledge and experience to help every job applicant land more interviews and, eventually, build careers of their dreams.

Today, SkillHub is a large family of real pros who has already helped hundreds of people get well-written CVs with a professional look to them.

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The Recipe for Success Is Professionalism and Love for What You Do

People, purpose, and passion – these are the three fundamental elements for every businesses’ success. And just like any other successful company, SkillHub has an amazing team of experts.

All resume writers are true masters of their craft. They are professional, have high levels of qualification, can boast of a proven track record of success, and, most importantly, love what they do.

Want to learn more? Meet a perfect team and learn what brought them to SkillHub.

Benedict Reedle

Benedict is a result-oriented writer with nearly 100 completed orders and a 100% success rate. He’s been working at SkillHub for over five years already and has all the skills and knowledge needed to help one advance professionally.

In the past, Benedict used to work in huge recruiting firms. He has seen thousands of resumes and knows exactly what it takes to land an interview. He’s seen how many good professionals miss great opportunities just because their resumes didn’t stand out. That’s the reason why Benedict switched sides and decided to leverage his knowledge and experience for a good cause by helping talented specialists get hired!

Jeremy Martinez

Throughout more than 3 years of helping job seekers succeed, Jeremy has completed 79 brilliant resumes. Each piece created by him is professional-looking, engaging, high-quality, and unique. This pro strives to satisfy the needs of every customer and always guarantee the best results!

It is never easy to drive the recruiter’s attention, which is why what the SkillHub team is doing is so important. And that’s the reason why Jeremy works there!

Jane Smith

After years at SkillHub and 95 completed orders with 95% of success, Jane’s got everything you need to succeed!

She’d discovered her passion for writing resumes back at college. She has gladly helped all her friends to land their first jobs. So, when she saw the opportunity to help people by doing what she loves there were no doubts!

Jane knows very well that each of us may need a little push to get going. It feels rewarding to know that her work helps many people succeed and that’s why she’s happy to be a part of this great service!

Olivia Rainolds

Olivia is a dedicated, passionate, and skilled resume writer who knows how to make you stand out from the crowd. With vast experience, a 99% success rate, and dozens of positive customer reviews, she is a pro CV writer who strives for top-notch quality and the best results.

Why did she come to SkillHub? Not so long ago Olivia was a job seeker herself. She knows the struggle and stress that this process can cause very well.

Eventually, when everything is finally over, all you can think about is “I wish I could go the easier way” and that’s how it was for Olivia. When she first heard about the idea behind this service, she found it a perfect opportunity to give others much-needed help. Olivia has found her mission in helping others succeed and she can’t be more proud of it!

Dr. Archibald Moore

Dr. Moore is one of the top-rated writers at SkillHub with years of experience, 87 completed orders, a 98% success rate, and a Ph.D. degree. He is a skilled, quality-driven, dedicated pro with an eye for detail. And he’s here to take you to your goals!

Dr. Moore has always been fascinated by the art of resume writing. Indeed, it is a subtle art to be able to take all your past experiences and achievements and shape them into a document that will land you a job. Yet, not everyone is proficient at this art.

Day by day, he sees many great specialists who are eager to work and excel in their field, but they simply can’t catch their lucky chance because they are lacking writing skills or simply don’t know what a good CV looks like. Dr. Moore’s goal is to give them all the tools they need to achieve success!

Get a Winning Resume to Reinforce Your Job Application!

For years SkillHub has been helping young specialists and established professionals to succeed in their job search, get more interviews, and land their dream jobs. Throughout their experience in the resume writing business, the ream has evolved significantly.

Two main things that make SkillHub stand out are their passion for what they do and a unique customer-centered approach. We know what hiring agencies and employers are looking for. And they are here to help everyone in need!

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