How to download and install GCam APK on Poco F3

If you want to download and install the GCam APK on the Poco F3, we have all the necessary steps in this complete guide, so you can have a better photography experience on your Poco F3 smartphone using this Google camera application.

For the photographic result of our Xiaomi phones to improve, we must install the Google Camera or, as we know it mostly, GCam. It is a port of the application that is installed on Pixel phones but compatible with other terminals. Google has a huge amount of photos stored in the cloud, thanks to which the company’s Artificial Intelligence learns to get the best out of the images.

That is why when we take a photo with a Google Camera the result is noticeable. Because post-processing technology is more important than the megapixels our camera has. And that’s why we’ve made use of the Gcam for the Poco F3, the recently presented Poco model that points the way for its value for money.

How to download and Install GCam APK on Poco F3

In this case, we are going to tell you how to install and use the Google Camera on our recent Poco F3, a mid-range terminal with high specifications that was announced last March 27 and that has, among other specifications, an AMOLED screen at 120 Hz and triple rear camera configuration: 48 MP main lens at f/1.8, 8 MP wide-angle at f/2.2 and a 2 MP macro lens.

The first thing to note is that to install the GCam on our Poco F3 we don’t need anything more than our mobile. We can forget about connecting the mobile to the computer, make risky maneuvers such as unlocking the bootloader or install a cooked ROM… we just have to do the following.

It is advisable to perform, as we say, these steps directly from the mobile. If we are reading this from the computer, we can copy and paste the necessary links in WhatsApp through its desktop version and then download them from the mobile.

The GCam link for our Poco F3, which is nothing more than an APK file for installation without further complexity, we can download it from —>here.

It is the GCam version of the developer Celso Azevedo called ‘Urnyx’. This time we have available, for our Poco F3 the version 05 of his GCam. This port is safe, we can download it and install it on our phone with the peace of mind that nothing will happen to it.

According to the developer, this is what we will get if we download and install his GCam on our Poco F3:

  • Detailed photos, especially those from the main cameras.
  • Improved dynamic range, especially in difficult situations
  • Better camera performance in low light or indoors
  • Better overall quality with the front camera
  • Astrophotography, night vision, and portrait mode
  • Once downloaded, we will only have to open the APK and ready, we will have the app installed and functional.

That’s how you can have this Google camera app installed on your Poco F3 smartphone. Right after that, you can use this camera application just like the native camera app that you usually use.

Since this app has been developed by Google, there’s no doubt that you can expect a lot of features that can help you take better photographs, and videos. So, that ends this article here. We hope that our readers would find this guide helpful. In case you find any trouble downloading the GCam application on your phone, drop your comments below.

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