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These days, social media has taken the centre stage in our lives and a lot of people spend endless hours scrolling their phone screen up and down. Instagram is one such platform where people just love to be. Also, it goes without saying that Instagram is ruled by the number of likes and followers.

The number game decides how popular an Instagrammer is and that is why most people are on the lookout for increasing the number of followers and likes.  

To help newbie Instagrammers, there is a new tool that is getting immensely popular currently and it is called GetInsta. It is a quick and easy way to get followers and likes free of cost. There is no need for creating a password. You also need not take part in any kind of survey. What’s more, is that there is no risk involved at all. GetInsta lets you increase your number of followers and likes in an organic manner.

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How does it work?

The basic concept behind the working of GetInsta is that when you follow others on Instagram and like their posts, you get coins that can be used to get to increase the count of followers and likes for your own account. So, this means that it is a 100% safe and trustworthy way of getting free followers Instagram.

All you need to do is download GetInsta on your device and the rest is a literal cakewalk. Here us how to go about getting free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes.

Step 1: Sign Up and Log in to GetInsta

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Step 2: Increase your number of followers and likes

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Features and Advantages of GetInsta

1. No use of bots

Users get the real deal and not bots. You get the followers and likes from real Instagram users and therefore there is nothing fake about GetInsta which makes it a good deal. Also, there will not be any risk of getting penalized or banned by Instagram because the increase in count will take place organically at a steady pace.

2. Completely free

There is no need to pay for getting followers & likes. The GetInsta tool is completely free. All you need are coins to get going. Upon logging into the tool, you can earn coins that will be required to buy your followers and like. Anyone can earn coins on GetInsta by doing easy tasks.

3. No privacy and safety issues

While with every new tool, there is a concern of safety and privacy. However, GetInsta has been developed by a thoroughly professional team with a lot of experience. There is no risk of a virus attack or information leak. From the security point of view, this tool is completely safe to use.

4. Instant results

You will not have to wait for too long to see a change in your number of followers and likes. Though it will take place at a steady pace, you can start seeing the results as soon as you get started.

5. Round the clock customer support

There is a dedicated customer support team that is available 24×7 to answer your questions and resolve all your problems related to GetInsta. You are free to get in touch with the support team at any point of time.

6. Highly experienced development team

The development team of GetInsta has years of experience in the industry and is well aware of the existing rules. The tool has been developed in such a way that one gets followers and likes instantly without having to resort to bots.

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What are the plans to get followers with GetInsta?

You can choose to get followers using the free version or the premium version.

Get followers for free

With the free version, you can gain real-time followers by earning coins on the GetInsta app. There is no need of entering a password or getting any verification done. The only point to keep in mind is that your Instagram profile has to be public.

Get followers each day with a paid plan

There are monthly subscription plans to get followers. As per the plan you get 50 followers per day at $0.99, 100 followers per day at $1.99, and 200 followers per day at $2.29. You will be able to see great results with this fully automatic plan. The biggest pro is that you need not follow back profiles with the subscription. Followers will be delivered within 24 hours. There is no need for a password or verification and you can enjoy 24×7 support. Just like the free version, even this requires you to have a public profile.

The Conclusion

GetInsta seems like a great way of increasing free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes. As there are no bots involved and the count increases steadily it is completely safe and has no risk of your account getting penalized or banned by Instagram. 

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