Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Tool Review

Tenorshare Android Recovery tool is another recovery tool in the market. It has its own share of features and specifications which are pretty amazing and might come in handy in various data recovery situations. Using this tool, you can recover your lost audio and video files, messages, photos etc on your android phones and tablets. You can recover your data from your phone’s or tablets internal memory or through SD card.

There are various situations we encounter in which we think that we have lost our data. Like you have to do a factory reset, your precious photos mistakenly deleted, your phone’s screen is  all blank or completely shattered etc, you can recover your data using Tenorshare recovery tool. It can happen that could end up loosing our precious data. in this case, you need a recovery tool and you can give a try to this tool.

You can recover messages, call history, WhatsApp messages, photos, audio and video files, contact, and any other files you want to recover.  This tool supports many file formats and can recover most the files supported by various file formats. ‘See it before you buy it‘. That’s true, you can review  this tool before buying Tenorshare. So that you can decide if that data is worthy enough.

To use this tool, you can either connect your Android device via a USB cable or via Wi-fi. There are no compatibility issues  with this tool, as you can it with any android phone or tablet from HTC, Samsung, Motorola etc. Data security of your personal details is a must, and the developer of Tenorshare have make sure of that. The recovered data is available on read-only form and completely risk-free.

Flexibility in data recovery is required, as no one wants to download or recover any unwanted and the worst part is paying for that.


The Tenorshare recovery tool is very easy use and highly offers you a user-friendly experience. Here, we are going to help you with a glimpse of how this tool actually works.

It the tools is quite easy to use. The graphic user interface contains less amount of options, that makes less confusion. Most noteworthy, it comes with 3 steps wizard to locate and recover lost files on Android phones.

When open, the first screen looks like below showing Tab type options to connect and recover data.

Tenoshare Android Data Recovery

Step 1.

Now it is the time to connect the device to PC using a USB cable or Wifi (pro version).

To make sure that your device gets connected properly, you need to enable USB debugging onto your phone.  To enable USB debugging, follow below steps:

  1. Tap on ‘Settings
  2. Under it, look for ‘About phone‘ and tap on it.
  3. Head onto ‘Build Number’ and Tap 7 times on it to Enable ‘Developer Options‘.
  4. Now back  to ‘Settings‘ and ‘Developer Options‘ should be there. Tap on it.
  5. Look for ‘USB Debugging‘ and enable it. That’s it.

Step 2.

Now connect your phone to PC and Tenorshare Android Recovery tool should catch your phone automatically.  Locate your device.

connect device

Follow the on-screen steps to make connection between device and this recovery tool.

Step 3.

Over the next screen, there are file types that can be recovered. It supports almost all important types such as images, videos, messages, contacts, whatsapp data, etc.

choose file types

Choose the file types you want to recovery and hit the Next button.

Steps 4.

Once it is finished with scanning process, you’ll get the gallery of items /data that can be recovered. Review them thoroughly and recover them.
preview android files and recover

The date will be categorized and you can either select few files or all of them at once.

Steps 5.

Now you know which files you need to recovery. Hit the Recovery button preset right below of the tool and select the directory (place), where you would like save/recover these files.

recover android files

Select the directory and it will start the recovery process.

That’s it. In this way, you can use this recovery tool to bring back lost files from Android phone.

As we said earlier, this tool has been built for quick recovery. It comes with easy to follow options that help to recover files in few minutes.

If you’ve been looking for Android recovery tool, you could try this tool. Sure it worth a try at least once. It is no different from other recovery tools, but it is somewhat more user-friendly.

Wrap up

It terms of performance, I would say that Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Tool is good but still it has some cons like it cannot recovery all kind of files. It has a set of most widely used and important file types and only those can be recovered. Therefore, you cannot expect to recovery all kind of files through this tool.

Apart from it,  Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Tool is good to go with. It comes with free trail version and you can get the pro version for $39.95 for windows and for $59.95 for Mac operating system.

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