How To Change Led Color On Galaxy S8 or Android Phone

This post we are going to discuss about how to change LED Color on Galaxy S8 or Android Phone.The LED is the little light on top of your Android Phone.It will illuminates when you get a notification. Actually there is a special design app that control this LED light. 

Why modify your LED light?

This is not a important things in our phone. It’s just and fancy and cosmetic of your phone. Changing these LED light, this will let you stand out of the crowd that using preset color of LED light. Thus, your phone will have a unique look. It will also help you distinguish your phone from others in the parties.

Changing this notification LED light color not only help you distinguish your phone with other. But also help you to know that there is new notification when your phone in silent mode. 

How to setup notification LED light [How To Change Led Color On Galaxy S7 or Android Phone]

Step 1 – Download Light Manager – LED Settings

Step 2 – Open Light Manager App, Go to “Operating Mode” Choose “Normal Mode”

Step 3 – Go to LED Setting Notification.

Step 4 – Under it you can setup LED light color for Missed Call, Messages, MMS, Gmail, Calendar Reminder. You can setup different color for each, easier for you to identify which kind of notification immediate based on the LED light color.

Step 5 – Once you select a category, you need to go to “Color” to setup LED color and setup Flash Rate.

For more details, you can watch the video below. –>How To Change Led Color On Galaxy S8 or Android Phone.


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  1. It’s not cosmetic, and does serve an actual purpose,

    Having blue for Facebook, yellow for Snapchat, orange for sms, green for phone calls, etc, and being able to see what your notifications are for without even picking it up are very useful

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