How to improve performance of Nvidia Shield Tablet

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is an amazing device when it comes to gaming! Since launched, it has been well talked and discussed in gaming areas on Android and has been proven as best gaming console for Android users. Well there is doubt about the performance of this tablet but it can be improved even more for even better gaming experience and fun over. Don’t you agree that you would surely prefer improvements? We all love and appreciate if it can be! Here’s we gonna do it with  Nvidia Shield Tablet and would make it run games even better than it does!

For these performance improvements we’ll use a custom Kernel named ‘Werewolf Kernel‘, the complete credits goes to  @laufersteppenwolf, who brought it over XDA forum and gave us opportunity to improve the entire performance of Nvidia Shield Tablet. We’ll install this Kernel through flashing tool and other file to manually increase the performance.

How it works?

You might be wondering what this Kernel does! Basically Werewolf Kernel over-clocks the processor and graphic speeds. Like, the default processor’s clock is 2.2GHz and with this Kernel, it would be about 2.5GHz and the same goes with Graphic chip as well. Better the clock rate better the performance.


There several things you must read and prepare before you install this Kernel on Nvidia Shield Tablet. Find them below:

#You must be on Marshmallow operating system and having Marshmallow Boot-loader. It works with both, stock and custom Rom. You must have a custom recovery on your Tablet. You could have TWRP or CWM, whichever you like! We’ll use it flash Kernel file in recovery mode. Make sure to have latest ones on your device and remember that could not skip it.

Note:- You can expect few minor bugs and in case you get your device bricked, we’ll not be responsible for it!


  • Download the Werewolf kernel’s zip from here ( After you download the file, put it to your device’s memory and remember the location of it.
  • Download the devicetree blob (.dtb) file from here (tegra124-tn8-p1761-1270-a04-e-battery.dtb).

Note: – After you download second file (.dtb), flash this file to your tablet through using our guide → here. You’ll just have to replace the name of with this one with the commands given in this tutorial!

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How to install high performance Kernel on Nvidia Shield Tablet

  1. Turn off your device and wait for 3-5 seconds.
  2. Boot into the recovery mode on your Nvidia Shield Tablet.
  3. Flash the Werewolf kernel’s zip file.
  4. Reboot your device and that’s all!

That’s all you need to you! After installation, for the first boot it could take some time to load operating system. Enjoy the over clocked CPU and graphic on this tablet. That’s all about this tutorial dedicated to Nvidia Shield Tablet to improves it’s performance! Don’t forget to subscribe and share this post!

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