8 Things to Check Before Buying Your Next Smartphone

Without a single doubt, we all have to admit that it is The Age of Smartphones. Now, as we all know today almost any small, big, new or even the reputed old companies are manufacturing smartphones. Due to tons of issues, it becomes important for you to grab the next latest device in the market. But getting hold of any device, without making any proper analysis on its features and components, would definitely be quite like a tomfoolery job.

Thus here we present the 8 things that You Must Know Before Buying a Smartphone. So, read thoroughly these tips, and then, try to implement them when you purchase your next smart phone. We’ve created this list on the basis n

Important Things You Must Know Before You Buy a Smartphone

1. Going For the Best Screen?

Now let’s admit that gone are those days when screen size had just been a “fortunate” part of the a mobile phone. Today screen size actually plays a major role in determining, partially though, the smart quotient of any smartphone. Visual experience actually makes a better impact and to a some extent can be instrumental in veiling the flaws of the device. Bigger the screen size, the better it is for you, as the smartphone device’s user, to enjoy more apps and tasks.

It’s not just the size though. Before buying a smartphone, you must also make sure that the screen has a decent resolution, with protective coating and it offers clear viewing angles. The best types of displays include a Full HD resolution or even better like having 1920×1080. Amoled and IPS displays also should be taken into consideration since they are actually the best display types.

2. Happy with the Storage Capacity?

Yes! It is positively important for your smartphone device. For many people, 8/16 GB storage actually seems plenty. But after they start using tons of apps and racing games, only then they realize they need more than that. And if they use these apps and games without SD card, then literally they might soon become helpless.

Along with that, unlike what’s shown, a device doesn’t come with the actual storage. If it’s already flashed that any particular phone has a massive 32 GB, then trust me, they actually don’t have that much. The best decision in such a typical scenario is to buy a smartphone which is already pre-occupied with a greater storage capacity along with having an expandable slot for an external SD card.

3. Strong Built Quality is Must for Your Smartphone!

Of course, no user wants his/her smartphone to be shattered to pieces since that can be quite like a disastrous thing ever to happen. Even one single scratch can take life out of someone. A sturdy and resistant built is thus very important. A smartphone doesn’t simply become smart with the inbuilt resolution. It should also be productive and industrious.

Of course the durability also partly depends on the user’s part. As for the screen is concerned, getting a device that gets accompanied with stuff like Gorilla Glass can be quite like a safe bet. Before buying a smartphone, make sure to go through the smartphone reviews and check if any tests have been conducted to check the resistance.

4. Android? iOS? Windows??

Mobile Operating systems are really, really important. It is the OS and its respective version that helps you to stay ahead in the queue of a “smart” user. First make sure which OS you want to rely upon. Whether it should be Android or iOS or Windows, the decision should be again based on the utility thus provided by each. Once chosen, now make sure that you get no less than the latest version.

Next you must check out if the OS is directly availed from Google or from a customized version. It is always better to choose Google’s version, with respect to Android. This is because mainly due to the fact, that the manufacturer’s customizations can actually bring in some bugs. For the iOS, however these issues actually don’t matter since Apple produces both their respective devices and their softwares.

5. Howz the Camera Quality?

Who doesn’t love to click pics, especially with smartphones! Make sure the smartphone you choose has a decent back camera. Needless to say, almost every smartphone comes with a front camera, barring only a few. A decent 5 MP camera, these days can be actually quite less. So would be having a VGA/2MP front camera, since a VGA picture quality is quite equal to clicking nothing, In case you are not a photo-holic or camera freak, this point may be irrelevant.

6. How Long can the Battery Last?

Now, it seriously doesn’t matter how many apps you have loaded in your smartphone or how speedy your phone is with respect to its performance. Unless your phone doesn’t have a good battery, your tasks may dangle in air. And when it is about smartphones, that’s a big weak spot.

Although most of the manufacturers disclose about the battery durability yet it is recommended to read and go through the independent reviews. Make sure to check the usage system of the hardware since some hardwares are quite power hungry, whereas some of them aim for an optimum usage.

7. Connectivity – 3G or 4G??

Gone are the days of 2G since 4G has already made its debutante role. Make sure that the device that you are planning to get supports, at least, a Wi Fi connectivity along with being able to support both 3G as well as 4G.The 4G models can be quite pocket-diggers, but fortunately prices are coming down, thus making the devices affordable for you.

8. Is the Smartphone too Fat/Heavy?

Yes it is very important. Thinner and slimmer devices are indeed quite vogue in the smartphone market. But, it is also important to remember that thinness always doesn’t mean superior quality. Some devices do come with some metallic cases. So this decision is solely up to you, whether you need quality looks or a quality device. Before buying a smartphone do check the online store for the in-depth product images.

Apart from these, you can also consider apps compatibility, TV/ video options and many more, before buying a smartphone. Check your required specifications and make sure your money has been utilized in the right way.

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