Best smartphone platform for first time users

This is a common question when thinking about buying a smartphone for parents. Smartphone is moving towards becoming a necessity. But the fact that our parents are little reluctant in learning something new, makes the choice of smartphone all the more difficult. Weather the phone will become slow after a few app installs, will they be able to use the popular apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, will they be able to help themselves in case of some trouble- these are some common worries when making the purchase.

So here we are analyzing the popular three platforms to make the decision little easier-



The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of iPhone is the price tag. But if you have ever used an iPhone you will know that it is worth every penny. The cases of phone slowing down, or lag are very rare. The apps are well designed and it is only a matter of time before you get used to it. And once you do  there is a rare chance you will want another phone unless you want more control over your device- because apple is very stringent there. You have to play by their rules. If you are looking for a premium experience for first time users go for an iphone. You may choose to get a older version so manage the cost.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft windows

Microsoft phones have a lot to like and a lot to hate. The magazine UX is a beautiful thing but could have been lot more. The tiles concept is something that is a huge advantage for first time users. For someone who is buying his first smartphone, the concept of truck load of apps and finding the right one amongst them can be a pain. Pins ease out that part. The problem with the overall experience is it never sets an complete picture in the user’s mind and hence is not very predictable. This is a turn of for beginners. Also to add to the trouble, the app store is very poor and the package offers hardly any financial advantage when comparing Microsoft phones to its peers. But since the ecosystem is quiet closed there are hardly any hand or lag issues if you are working on a fair amount of memory. If your user is into using just the basic apps and use them well Microsoft windows is a fair choice.



Now we talk about the one platform that has a magnanimous reach, is trusted by most but it has its flaws. There is no denying that android has brought smartphone to the masses. It is the reason people are able to afford smartphones. Any OEM can choose to use android its way and make a phone using it as its base. And this is what has led to the notion that android phones deliver poor performance. In many cases the fresh out-of-the box device is heavily loaded with skins and preloads. This leaves a little room for the user for his own stuff. But there are many other OEMs which do not do so and charge a premium for the same. It is only a matter of research so that you the right phone for your user. Once you do the rich app store is there to welcome you. You will never miss any app!

Do let us know which app did you decide for your beginner user.

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