What Are Lightroom Mobile Presets

Some of you might remember the days of lugging around bulky cameras, sometimes even with several lenses. You would then try to get everyone to hold perfectly still for what felt like an eternity to take the photo. Twenty years ago, we would never have dreamt that something like Lightroom mobile presets could create such a different experience.

These days we expect so much from our devices and we take photos on the move quite happily. This of course also includes taking photos of moving subjects. What if you could make those photos look professionally made though? Perhaps you want to play around with different effects? Photos allow you to capture memories and through your particular design, you also share a piece of who you are. This is where Lightroom mobile presets come in.

Why the word Lightroom

Adobe launched the Lightroom software in 2007 to allow image organization and image manipulation. Some of you might remember dark rooms with their slightly eerie red light that allowed you to view photographic film.

Natural light would damage your film and only specialists had the training to develop your photos or to add any funky effects. These days, you are the specialist. You can take this even further with Lightroom mobile presets.

Thanks to Adobe, you now have the software to edit your photos and add effects as many times as you like. You can have fun with friends and animals whilst on holiday, playing sport or simply doing your day-to-day.

All this is possible without expensive technology and equipment. In fact, you only need your mobile phone and your favourite Lightroom mobile presets. The presets add a twist to your Lightroom experience, as we’ll see below.

Let’s Explain Lightroom Mobile Presets

Lightroom mobile presets are essentially pre-determined settings. You apply your unique combination of colour, contrast, tone and effect to edit your photos. For example, you might have taken some brilliant shots during your day at the beach.

Unfortunately, once you get home, they all seem a bit dark with too much contrast due to the bright sun. This is when you add Lightroom mobile presets to apply the same foundation across your photos. These now all look perfectly contrasted, shaded and sparkling as they should be.

Why do Lightroom Mobile Presets matter?

  • Are you writing a blog?
  • Do you have clients?
  • Are you creating memories with style?
  • Do you have batches of photos to work with?

Depending on what you want to achieve, it’s a shame to sacrifice on quality when something like Lightroom mobile presets exist.

Whether you are creating blogs with the perfect photo series to attract more visitors or simply delivering to clients, it’s important to stand out.

Lightroom mobile presets are also a great way to save time and to edit in batches. With a few simple clicks, you can apply your settings to as many photos as you want. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? No more click, scroll, repeat.

Photos Provide so Much

  • Memories
  • Creativity
  • Document your story
  • Capture emotions
  • Boosting visual senses


Let’s not forget that photos are memories for yourself also. Neuroscience tells us that our ability to form and access memories accurately is flawed. Basically, because of how our brains are wired, we never remember things properly.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you forget the details of someone’s face or the colour of their eyes? Today, by using Lightroom mobile presets, you can get the perfect light. You can create your easily accessible memories not just for others but also for yourself.


You can now also be creative through your photos and by leveraging Lightroom mobile presets. What’s your style and what do you like? Perhaps you like bright and airy or clean and crisp colours? You might be looking to express yourself through the subject matter you choose as well as how you present it.

Don’t underestimate the fun of creativity and it’s advantage for your own well-being, not just for your clients. In fact, Creativity has been shown to enhance our overall positivity and connectivity with others.

What Are Lightroom Mobile Presets

Emotions, Visual Senses and your story

I think we all know that phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Yes, it’s been over used but it’s worth remembering the message. Pictures and photos allow us to capture people’s attention and to give rise to emotions so that they better remember what we’re trying to tell them. Overall, visuals help us tell our story and communicate it more effectively.

Final Thoughts

Lightroom mobile presets are a great way to fix, create and design the perfect photo series. With the right settings, you can have any colour, contrast, light or tone combination that you feel works with your photos.

The presets also simplify the process for you because you can work with batches and not have to manually go through each photo. So, go ahead, make your dream photos and grab all the possibilities of creativity that Lightroom mobile presets give you.

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