Malignant Cancer – Risk to Develop Cancer if Using Cell Phone?


Malignant Cancer – Risk to Develop Cancer if Using Cell Phone?

What is Malignant Cancer? A term for illnesses wherein extraordinary cells divide without manipulate and can invade close by tissues. Malignant cells also can spread to different parts of the body through the blood and lymph structures. There are numerous principal sorts of malignancy. Carcinoma is a malignancy that begins within the skin or in tissues that line or cowl inner organs. Sarcoma is a malignancy that starts offevolved in bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or different connective or supportive tissue. Leukemia is a malignancy that begins in blood-forming tissue, inclusive of the bone marrow, and causes big numbers of bizarre blood cells to be produced and input the blood. Lymphoma and more than one myeloma are malignancies that start in the cells of the immune system. Central worried system cancers are malignancies that start within the tissues of the mind and spinal wire. Also referred to as malignant cancer.

All the information below are from National Cancer Institute Website. People are concerning the risk using cell phone? Will it develop malignant cancer in long term? How high is the risk to develop cancer if using cell phone? That are few reasons people are concerning this. This is because cell phone will emit radio-frequency energy. The radio-frequency is a form of non-ionizing radiation. Our human tissues can absorb the RF energy.
Increasing numbers of  using cell phone globally. The estimation of subscription is around 5 billion as per International Telecommunications.

As people using it everyday, the length of each call and amount of time people spend on cell phone have increased. But, as the technology improved, it has been reduce the output power of cell phone.

What is RF [Radio-frequency] Energy and how will it affect our body?

RF energy is a form of Electro-magnetic Radiation. This electro-magnetic radiation divided into 2 types category. Ionizing and non ionizing radiation.  Ionizing radiation have high frequency and high energy, whereas non ionizing radiation have low energy and frequency. Electro-magnetic fields used in tevelvisions, cell phones, and radio transmission. Our body can absorb these energy and measure it by SAR [specific abdrption rate]

How High is the Risk to Develop Malignant Cancer if Exposed to RF Energy?

If our body expose to ionizing radiation [X-Ray], is know to increase the risk of malignant cancer. However, until now there is no studies prove that non ionizing radiation increase the risk of malignant cancer. The only recognized is the biological effect of RF energy is heating. The microwave ovens is one of the example to use these energy to heat the food. Using of cell phone will increase our body [head] temperature. However, it is not sufficient to increase of body temperature.  Another study about the effect of glucose metabolism if using cell phone and the blood flow in the brain.However, the result is inconsistent and found no evidence of such effect.

If you are still worried about the exposure to radio-frequency energy, FDA has suggested some ways to reduce your exposure to RF energy.
Try to keep cell phone for short conversation. To reduce number of times when a landline fixed phone is not available.
Use a hand-free device such as wired earphone to keep more distance from the phone to user’s head.

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