Why the Razer phone was the most innovative Android phone of 2017

2017 was a banner year for Android phones and showed just how many great ideas Android designers have had and just how far Android phones have come. It was always easy to argue with apple fans that Android had the better operating system, that was always pretty obvious. What was harder, was to discuss with them which operating system had the most beautiful phones.

It was tough when phones like the iPhone 5 were coming out and looking like slabs of the future while many Android phones lagged behind. While the specs inside might not have been as good, there was something less glamorous about Android phones, something that made them seem as if they were phones more for tech heads than fashionistas. This was, by no means a bad thing, however, as companies have since shown, there is no reason why we cannot have both.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a beautiful phone, one that stands up to the stunning iPhone X but is much more customisable, easy to use and an all better value for money purchase. Both Samsung and Google have been gunning at apple for a while, as we have discussed here before on Androidcure.com, there are now superb apps in Google Play to match the iOS store. In essence, Android phones have never been better.


There were then plenty of contenders for best phones of the year last year. There were so many that made a splash from the superb and great value for money One Plus 5T to the Google Pixel XL to the Galaxy Note 8 which got Samsung back on track after a tough time with the Note 7.Samsung had to gamble on making a new Note phone to wow everyone, one that would sweep people off their feet and with the Note 8 they managed it.

There was also another phone that emerged, one that was also a bit of punt for the company that made it and that was the Razer phone. Razer are far better known for making gaming peripherals and gaming machines than they are phone. So dipping into the phone market was a real shot in the dark for Razor.

It is ironic that it was such a gamble, owing to the fact that the Razer phone is one of the best phones to use with some of the great Android gambling apps that exist. It was a phone built for gaming and when you log onto one of the top betting sites like real-money-pokies.co.nz, you realize just how great the Razer phone is for online gambling games. Poker cards render faster than ever, the processor handles any task with ease and the speakers are so good you feel like you are in Las Vegas. If you like to have a flutter on your phone then the razer is utterly perfect for you.

One of the main reasons for this is its screen, it has an unreal 120 hertz refresh rate, something which many phone companies never ever dreamed of having. It means that the phone can render clips quicker, it can load text faster and it can react to change on screen better than any other phones.

It’s speakers also show what a special and innovative phone it is. For so many companies speakers have become an afterthought, something you slap on because people want them and thus you make them with little effort. With the Razer phone, this is absolutely not the case, the phone’s speakers are excellent, better than many laptops, and they work brilliantly for playing games.

Finally, one of the aspects that really drive home just what made the Razer much more innovative than any other phone is the companies new device they showed off at CES, Project Linda.

With Project Linda, you put your phone into a laptop shell and then you phone becomes a laptop, the device itself is used as a trackpad while it outputs things onto the screen that you can control just like a laptop. It is such a wild and interesting idea and illustrates what an amazing and exciting job razer are doing.

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