Top 8 Android Apps for Digital Marketing and SEO

There’s no shortage of Android apps for anything in the world now and the scenario is even the same for digital marketing. As in today’s era almost all the Google searches are done from mobile rather than desktop, it is very clear why mobile optimization and extensive usage of Android apps in SEO are important.

In fact, there’s a myriad of such apps available out there which are no less than simply bliss for the digital marketers. However, not all of them are worth opting for. Which are those top android apps then?

1. Hootsuite

The prominent function of this app is making a single interface for digital marketers who are running various social media platforms. With this app, you can connect to all kinds of devices. Also, this Android app has become a famous social media marketing app. And the best part is that it is one of the best free android apps out there. With this app, you can create easy social media updates to post on various social media platforms.

2. Trello

Trello excels many lists of top android apps in the market. It is true that digital marketers who are involved with businesses have a lot of activities happening around them. Here’s where you need Trello. This app can help the marketers get a comprehensive list of all the activities that he/she has to perform at different zones. This application can be easily downloaded for free of cost.

3. Google Adwords

This app can directly help you control and maximize your Adwords. With this excellent app, you can stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere. All that you need to do is just use your Android smartphone. This android app can let you keep a track on your ad’s performance while you are on the go. So, Google Adwords can certainly help you run your campaigns smoothly no matter if your business is going through any hassle.

4. Google AdSense

Android app development has been a smart concept always and one of the best results of this process is Google AdSense. It is definitely one of the most excellent creations of technology in today’s world. This app provides a swift way to take a glance over all the key data from your AdSense and AdMob accounts. With everything starting from account overview to an access to all the comprehensive performance reports on each and every key metrics, you will get to know about every bit of information with the help of this app.

5. Feedly

Feedly makes content creation and curation easy for digital marketers. It is one of the best free android apps through which you can browse content from any RSS feed-equipped site. Also, content marketers can be able to monitor the significant platforms like YouTube channels, WordPress, Tumblr etc. with the help of Feedly.


This is one of the most amazing apps out there which can track up to three keywords and more than one website at once to figure out the actual SERP position of any given website. This is again a free yet astounding app which has always proven to be something potential for the digital marketers. This app comes with data being present in small packages.

7. SEO Automatic

SEO Automatic is solely responsible for generating SEO metrics of any specific webpage while evaluating the title tags, keyword tags, header tags and so on. Hence, this android app is certainly a bliss for the digital marketers. It is definitely a yet another fantastic free app that you can download without spending even a single buck.

8. Perch

It is a free Android and iOS app which can let you explore all the social mentions of your company. Above that, it will not even miss tracking the mentions and activities of your competitors. All that you need to do is just let Perch know which companies to follow and it will create a news feed of various updates and mentions about these companies on various social media platforms. Also, Perch will not lag behind in letting you know when there’s a review available for your business from your customers on Yelp.

Aren’t these android apps really fantastic for digital marketers? If you are one among them then start using the ones you like the most now itself. Digital marketing will certainly end up being an extremely easy episode for your business.

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