Americans Have Admitted That They Often Use the Mobile Spy App to Monitor Their Contacts

Mobile spy apps are gaining popularity for the last few years because they can be used flexibly for various purposes. On one hand, parents and employers can use them to keep an eye on the usage of their mobile devices by their children and employees. On the other hand, many people use them to monitor their contacts as well as relationships.

According to a survey it has been proved that many Americans are using hidden spy apps for tracking and monitoring the activities of their intimate partners. It can be to ensure the security of their partner or to worsen their life in case of domestic issues.

Spy app is available for everyone

The survey conducted by an antivirus developing company, NortonLifeLock, it has been realized that everyone can use a spy app on the mobile device of his child, employees and partners, life partner or business partner, not only to track their activities and location but also to ensure their security, in case they are using mobile phone irresponsibly.

Sometimes the use of spy apps is considered dangerous for the person being tracked through them because it can be breaching their privacy. Still, you can find a number of spy apps in the market to choose a suitable one for your requirements.

NortonLifeLock statistics and studies on the use of hidden spy app

According to the studies and statistics of the survey conducted by NortonLifeLock, one out of ten Americans are using various types of hidden spy apps to collect information from the text messages and record the conversations on the phone calls made or received on the target phones.

Who uses men or women more often?

According to this survey, almost double the numbers of men use hidden spy apps than women to keep an eye on their contacts in their personal as well as professional life. Almost 29% of men and 21% of women normally use these spy apps without the consent of their partners and contacts to check the browsing history and contacts on their phone.

Usually, they use these apps for monitoring the kids, ensuring security from thefts, tracking their employees and their relationships. The main benefit of using these spy apps is that the user of the targeted device cannot know that he/she is being monitored by someone as the spyware works in the background.

Why do Americans trust the Hoverwatch program?

Most Americans trust the spy program of Hoverwatch because it has been specially designed for monitoring mobile devices including cell phones, laptops, and tablets, etc. This program is called spyware because you can use it to monitor target devices without the consent of its owner or user.

Why do Americans trust the Hoverwatch program?

Hoverwatch allows you to choose its special features not only to track the location of the target device along with tracking and recording phone calls and messages along with alerting you about the replacement of the SIM card from that device. It can also allow you to track and record messages and files shared on social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Viber, and Snapchat, etc. along with the pictures clicked from its camera and its screenshots.

Another reason for trusting the Hoverwatch spy app is the ease of installing and using it. You can install this spyware on the target phone just by opening a free account on its site by submitting your email address and password.

Now you can download and install this software on the target device through your account. You can start monitoring the target device and recording its calls and messages through your account.

Hoverwatch can provide you information as well as a record of incoming and outgoing calls and messages, screenshots and history of internet usage without being seen by the user of the target device. So you can start spying on the user of the target device just by installing this application on it.

Domestic violence and partner security

Today hidden spy apps are widely used by men as well as women all over the world for monitoring their partners especially in case of domestic violence. The incidents of domestic violence are increasing these days because of the abusive behavior of the boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.

Americans Have Admitted That They Often Use the Mobile Spy App to Monitor Their Contacts

 In such cases, people use spy applications like Hoverwatch to track the location of their partners as well as listen to the calls and read the messages received or sent by them. In this way, the users of these apps can control the digital as well as emotional, and physical life of their partners, depending upon the degree of their abuse.

Along with spying by abusive partners, these spy apps can also be used to ensure the security of the partners. They can install these apps on the mobile devices of their partner with their consent. It will allow you to guide as well as help your partner in case of any emergency, by listening to the conversation as well as knowing their location.

The legal issue of using the mobile spy app is still open

Though recording the conversation without the consent of at least one of the parties in conversation is a seriously punishable offense in many states of the US but the legal status of using the hidden mobile apps can vary in different situations.

Americans Have Admitted That They Often Use the Mobile Spy App to Monitor Their Contacts

It is legal for parents to use a spy app to monitor the activities of their children on their mobile phones to ensure their safety. In case their children are in some problem then they can use the information provided by the software to provide them additional safety.

For employers, the legal status of monitoring and keeping a record of the conversations of their employees is a bit restricted by the laws of states.

However, the use of a hidden spy app for monitoring the spouses without their consent is illegal in the US and many other countries.


Thus, a hidden spy app can be used by anyone to track the activities of their contacts, relationships, and employees. You can use these apps legally by taking permission from the user of the targeted devices.

But, while tracking children, parents can use these apps legally even without being visible to their kids. However, you should choose a spy app carefully as many scam apps are also available online these days.

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