Surf Internet Faster with 80% less data on Any Mobile Device on Slow connection

Do you mind saving your internet data while surfing internet all the time? Yes, you can save up to 80% of your internet data while surfing internet at flawless speed and it not restricted to low-speed internet. Even in low internet speed, one can visit most of the website without wasting precious data and of course it would lead you to save your some bucks which you can use on other things.

Nowadays, we surf internet in daily basis and Internet becomes a very important part of our life. As the internet usage is on its pick, the rates of data charges are high as well. Here is we have very simple method to reduce the down the date usage to very low amount on any device, whether it is computer, tablet or mobile and surf sites on faster than ever before.

Surf Internet Faster with 80% less data

Thanks to Google for bring this another service namely know as “Google Web Light“, one can use it surf internet flawlessly with huge improvement in speed uses very low internet data. It works even you are on 2G connection or where signals are very low. Actually, Google brought this concept especially for who people who uses Internet on 2G connection or on slow connection. Let’s go ahead and learn how to use it, Google Web Light.

There is nothing hard in using it. You’ll just need to put following URL on your device’s browser (could be PC or Mobile, any device which is capable of surfing internet ) browser followed by the site that you want to visit:[your_website_URL]

For example, if you would like to surf our website then the above link will be:

You’ll have to add the URL/ Website that  you’d like to surf and then that website will be opened within seconds.

Also see the below example provided with different between same site loading normally and loading using Google Web Light.

That’s all you  need to you. You must know that you cannot surf sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. But is good to visit most of the sites.

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