MultiRom Mod For Moto E to Install Multiple Roms

MultiRom, one of most talked feature of Nexus 7 which allows users to have multiboot facility to boot into different operating systems such as Ubuntu Touch, WebOS, multiple Android based Roms and much more, now can be ported on Motorola Moto E as well with full functionality and powerful features which have been blessed on Nexus 7.

Complete credit goes to percy_g2, who is a senior member at XDA forum. Well this MultiRom port is unofficial but it works almost like official. I am quite sure that people who loved to being curious to explore their devices to get more of it, definitely would like to have multiple Roms at one time for testing / fun purpose or it can be to impress friends.

A smart phone like Moti E, very affordable and quite powerful is good a specimen for Android developers to deep down their experiments to bring out something more useful stuff for Android users.

More about MultiRom

After installing this mod, each time you restart your device, boot manager will appear which allow to switch between multiple Roms, and different operating system. You can install Roms using TWRP recovery, manage and update them individually and backup them all as well as Nandroid backup.

Here is walk through video for MultiRom on Nexus 7

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

However, still this MultiRom for Moto E is under development and currently there are few issues with it. On the MultiRom boot menu, touch screen doesn’t work, well  it doesn’t matter at all because the menu can be navigated through the physical buttons, Volume + and – to navigate and power  button to select.

This is an excellent mod to check the capability of Moto E, get to know more about the power, to test multiple Roms at once and of course to have fun with it. However, higher the trick and customization with device so as the little risk as well. The Moto E has been tested with CM 11 and stock Android 4.4.4 KitKat and it found to be work awesome.

If you are more curious to know more about this MultiRom mod for Moto E and want to install on your device, then head over to the real thread on XDA forum over here: MultiROM v28 UNOFFICIAL.

Please let us know your experience with this mod, and you can share your thoughts about it, your most welcome to comment.

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