Top 5 Lollipop Roms for Samsung Galaxy S6

It has been several months when the Galaxy S6 was launched and it became quite popular just like the its predecessors, and especially encountered  well against Apple’s iPhone 6. The handset is quite impressive many terms and there are no doubts why it’s became so popular and somewhat trendy. That was about this handset, initially launched with lollipop update, it has very intuitive interface, of course Samsung brought good changes to their TouchWiz User Interface.

However still customization is somewhat bounded to certain limits, which you definitely would like to be removed. The best approach would be installing a custom Rom. If you don’t know about custom Rom and what exactly it meant to device and what they do, then I would tell you as clear as possible. Simply, custom Roms are well customized Android Firmwares, generally optimized for best performance, improved battery life, free from useless apps (lots of non-useful apps are most of the time present in Samsung’s devices), comes with great customization options and enriched with powerful features.

In this post, I have gathered some of best custom Roms available for Samsung Galaxy S6, based on actual users reviews, performance, features and stability. Feel free to install any of these Roms, as each of them has been tested very well, appreciated by their users, comes with regular updates (if available, you’ll get it just like OTA), and definitely much for fun would be there.

If you looking for Rom for you Galaxy S6, this list definitely going to help you out to get best for you. And also, this would be good opportunity to makeover your device and give it a completely new look and feel with improvements in all aspects.

While installing custom roms, following links would be helpful to you:

So, lets started with the list,

Best Roms for Samsung Galaxy S6

1# XtreStoLite Deodexed Mod Edition – Ultra light Rom ( Just about 467 MB).

Based on official Samsung’s lollipop Rom, it has been designed so well that it offers very impressive performance, improved battery life, many add-ons mods and apps. Apart from being fast and stable, it is the lightest Rom, it just takes 467 MB, that means around 1.1 GB memory of your device will be free to us. Yeah, you heard it right, you can save very big amount of memory for other stuff.

We recommend this Rom not just because it lightest, but it offers improved performance, very stable, no bloatwares apps (non-useful) would be there.

⇒ Read more about this Rom over here

Also see:

2# AllianceROM

This Rom too based on official firmware, comes pre-rooted with many advanced tools such as BusyBox, Init.d, Sqlite3, Zipaligned injected. Just I said before, Samsung’s devices come along with lots of junk apps, which usually don’t uses, to defend them, this Rom has been powered with Aroma installer, which allows to remove these apps without any condition at prompt.

Apart from tweaks and performance improvements, multiple themes, customization options, added apps. The entire list of features is really huge, so it would be great if you can read it over below mentioned link.

⇒ Read more about this Rom over here

3# Axis Rom

Another custom rom built for Galaxy S6, tweaked very well for improved performance, stability, battery life. Based on stock operating system and Samsung’s Touchwiz interface, so it remains the Samsung’s standard look inside of it. In built Pie controls support, that means you can adjust most of the device settings from just one panel, also it has been optimized very well in respect of battery life.

Tons of tweaks have been included inside this Rom which distinguished it from rest of the Roms. Almost in all aspects, it improved the device and one can customized the user interface as per requirements.

⇒ Read more about this Rom over here

 4# SpaceX Mod

Performance driven Rom based on stock firmware, built to offer improved performance in almost all aspects. In terms of features, there are loads of advance features such as Adblock, Add toggles (Quick Settings button): Ultra Power Saving, WiFi Hotspot, Smart Stay, Personal Mode, Add build.prop & init.d tweaks for long battery life and high performance, theme customization options and much more.

⇒ Read more about this Rom over here


Very intuitive interface, with no Samsung bloatwares makes it lite and fast as well. Multiple mods have been injected in this Rom such as Network Speed , Removed High volume warning message, Launcher with Pull left, Enabled Multi User Switch , Multi CSC Select Aroma installed and much more.

The entire list of features is very huge, almost each section of stock Rom has been customized and optimized very well.

⇒ Read more about this Rom over here

So that’s all about custom roms for Samsung Galaxy S6. Go ahead and install any of them, and don’t forget to share your experience with us and help us to improve our list.

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