The best reasons to Smurf in League of Legends

First, let’s define a League of Legends smurf.

A smurf is a lower-level/ranking LoL account than the primary one.

The term ‘smurf’ originated in 1996’s Warcraft 2. Few players could beat Shlonglor and his companion Warp.

If they formed new accounts with various names, they could play with everyone. For whatever reason, they picked “Papa Smurf” and “Smurfette,” and the video game smurfing was created.

From professional singers playing karaoke to Grandmaster Chess players smashing scrubs, elite players have pretended to be noobs throughout history. No of your interest, we all desire to feel better about ourselves, which is why smurfs are so entertaining.

We’ll discuss more reasons why smurfing is fun.

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Why do people play unranked smurfs?

Around 60% of League of Legends accounts have never participated in a rated match. Some of the most prevalent reasons for smurfing on an unranked account are as follows:

Testing team compositions or strategies

With a second account, gamers may test new things without harming their primary account. Different methods, Champions, or roles.

You could play standard games, but everyone who has will tell you it’s not the same.

You can learn the fundamentals of ADC in a regular game, but you won’t get that competitive feeling — not when your teammates are there for nothing but enjoyment.


Ranked burnout occurs when you’ve been playing so many matches that when a teammate is underperforming, you’re unable to cope everything is over for you. LoL as a whole, not just this match.

What if you succeed? You don’t get the exhilaration that you typically get, but you do get a little feeling of relief that you didn’t lose.

Having a smurf account allows gamers to concentrate on having fun with their friends without the burden of having to win in order to avoid being demoted. The dread of failing is the worst thing that can ruin a good time.

Rematching placements

We frequently rush into ranked, with devastating outcomes.

Your first five games are bad, which affects your last five. You blame teammates, balance, everything except yourself.

Your gaming dissatisfaction grows, and BAM! Bronze!

A smurf provides you with a second opportunity to obtain a better rating. You may still use your other account for the other reasons indicated.

Lower-Division Playing

Riot banned playing with someone 2 or more leagues higher/lower than you a few years ago. Platinum can’t play with Silver, sorry.

You could play unranked games, but most of us don’t get the same adrenaline. While you’re playing typical games, your pals may pass you.

Your second choice is to quit playing League of Legends with your buddy, which might break your friendship.

Cool skins

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Smurfs aren’t only for the ordinary player; there is a slew of reasons why a high-elo player could desire one as well!

Top High ELO Smurfing Reasons

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows at high elo, despite common perception.

For some high-level gamers, a smurf may be the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day of fighting to stay on top.

High-level gamers smurf for these reasons:


At a specific skill level, wait times might be long. Master and Challenger classes have small matching pools. When wait times approach 30 minutes, individuals may grow frustrated.

In that time, you may finish a LoL match. If you’re a streamer, like many high-elo gamers, you don’t want to read contributions for 30 minutes.


Many League of Legends pros maintains a second account to avoid trolling. Many individuals arrange games to grab a celebrity’s attention, since even unfavourable attention is better than none.

Popular League of Legends YouTuber Gbay99 has had foes perch on the top the whole game to ruin his enjoyment.

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