The Best TV Shows and Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

Prime is one of the most beloved streaming platforms. Especially after some of the questionable decisions of Netflix to cancel shows loved by the public, Amazon Prime’s popularity is growing. And the choices of TV shows and movies you can watch on this platform are huge. You can select different languages for the audio and the subtitles, which makes it perfect for almost any nationality. The variety of titles might even make it difficult to pick what to watch. This is why we have prepared a list of the best TV shows and movies on Prime right now.

Outer Range

Have you watched Yellowstone? If you have and you liked it, then Outer Range is just for you. But this series is quite different since there are quite a lot of sci-fi elements involved. The action revolves around a patriarchal family battling with life and losing a beloved member. However, something exciting happens to them when a hole suddenly appears next to their farm. The whole will lead the person that passes through it to a different time period. Somehow the challenges the people in both periods face are quite similar, and they will have to face them together. 

The Rig

This new TV show started this year and is a great reason to sign up for Prime if you haven’t till now. It is another sci-fi drama series that takes place in what would seem a normal location — an oil rig near Scotland. This show will leave you breathless, and it is one that you would like to watch knowing you won’t have any issues with your internet or your Fire Stick TV. We promise you that you will always be kept on the edge of your seat.

The Wolf of Wall Street

We all love Leonardo DiCaprio in any of his movies, but he is just spectacular in this one. The actors’ game is amazing, and we can’t get enough of it. No matter how often you watch, you will probably see new things you missed before. And the whole thing is based on a true story which makes it even more fascinating. The story of Jordan Belfort and what he did is told engagingly. You are left feeling that you wouldn’t feel that bad being scammed by such a charming person. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark

In light of the new Indian Jones movie being in the works, it would be great to remind yourself of the old ones by rewatching them. We are very much excited to see that the new installment had prepared for us and if Harrison Ford still had how charm will get us as again. And the work of Speilberg is also great so that you will enjoy even the old movies. There are rumors that there will also be a game based on the new movie, but they are also great old ones that you can easily play on your Fire Stick TV. You can check this article that explains how to use RetroArch on FireStick.

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

There is no way we don’t mention the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. You have probably already watched it, but if you haven’t, you shouldn’t wait. Indeed. Many Tolkien fans are quite disappointed but no one can deny how beautiful the TV series is. There are scenes that you can just reply and reply because they are magnificent, like the one of Galadriel riding her horse with her blue dress. You will see a new take on Middle-earth, and trust us is worth it.

Three Pines

After the many successful books that Louise Penny published, it was time to take the next step and turn them into a TV series. You will immediately fall in love with Chief Inspector Armand, who is trying to figure out some complicated cases in his unique way. The little town in the middle of nowhere might seem like a regular quiet place, but after a couple of murders, this perfect picture is wholly ruined. Will the brilliant detective be able to uncover the mystery? Watch and see.

Sound of Metal

This movie shows how someone’s passion can cost them everything, but they are still not ready to give up. Sound of Metal shows the story of Ruben, a drummer in a hard rock band whose life is suddenly ruined because he loses hearing. He should now learn how to lead his life entirely differently and even go to school for deaf people. This is not an easy-to-watch movie, but it is worth it. 

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