10 Best Tools To Create Avatar Online

In the digital medium, there are many ways to represent yourself, the avatar is one of them. Very popular on social networks, these digital arts allow you to transform yourself into a digital figure like an animation or a game.

These characters can be altered and edited to look like you, and you can select specific actions and expressions such as eye blinks and movements, for example.

These avatars are present in several areas of the internet, you can find them on social networks, YouTube and wherever you imagine. Many people use these arts in Instagram Stories, for example.

If you want to know how your photo would look in a 3D drawing or animation, check out our list of the best tools to create avatars online.

What is an Avatar?

An avatar is a personalised graphic design that represents a user or a character. They can be represented in three-dimensional form or can be made into two-dimensional drawings.

Avatars are often used in website icons or in games. Besides being present in several chat systems that exist on the internet.

So now that you understand better what an avatar is, we have separated a list of tools for you to create avatars online, without having to download any program on your device and totally free.

1. Memoji

Memoji is an application to create avatars online available only for iPhones. This tool allows you to create custom avatars to send in messaging applications or share on social networks.

To send via messaging, the device must have iOS 13 or higher, as the function is accessed through iMessage. To create your online avatar, just click on the Memoji icon on the iPhone keyboard.

This online avatar can also be used as stickers on WhatsApp. Once you create your avatar on Memoji, you can customize it any way you want by choosing gender, skin colour, hair colour, eye colour and more.

When you finish creating your avatar online, you will have a series of predefined actions, such as a face that blinks one of the eyes, one that cries of laughter, for example. This application differs from others because it allows you to customize the actions of the avatar itself.

2. Bitmoji

Another option to create an avatar is Bitmoji, this app was created to create animated avatars for Snapchat but began to be used in several other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. It is available for Android and iOS.

With Bitmoji you can create a custom avatar, being able to choose skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and more. The app also allows you to modify the structure of the rest and choose clothing combinations for your avatar.

3. Mangatar

Mangatar is a website for creating avatars online that allows you to create a full-body character in manga style. With this website you customize your avatar the way you want, choosing the body, head shape, skin colour and more.

Once you have finished creating your avatar online, you can insert a thematic background and even add your favourite animal, save this image in several formats and resolutions and generate a link to share it with whoever you want.

4. Anime Mood

If you like Japanese cartoons, Anime Mood is another option for creating avatars online. With this site, you can create your character using some famous facial expressions from animes.

If you are interested in creating avatars for yourself, you will be able to create your own avatars yourself. In the creation of your avatar, you can also define clothes and accessories.

If you want, you can select an icon to fill the speech bubble and an image to illustrate the background. Three different versions of your avatar are generated for saving.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

If you want to create an online avatar that matches you for use on social media profiles, Twitch channels, YouTube and more, check out the Adobe Creative Cloud Express avatar maker tool.

With this tool, you can customise the colours, layout, typography and various other design elements. Adobe Creative also has numerous templates for you to customise and publish.

6. Avatar Maker

If you’re looking for a tool to create realistic online avatars, Avatar Maker is the ideal website for you. With this tool you create a realistic drawing version, being able to choose different styles of strokes.

With Avatar Maker you will be able to create your own avatars, as well as create your own avatars with the possibility of creating your own avatars. Avatar Maker does not offer much in the way of clothing and accessories, as it offers few resources compared to other tools.

The final result of your online avatar can be saved as a vector (svg) and in two PNG sizes (200 x 200 pixels and 400 x 400 pixels).

7. Ready Me Player

Ready Me Player is an excellent option for those who want to create free 3D avatars online, this tool allows you to create full-body characters or just the face, which can be made from a photo sent by the user.

The tool aims to reproduce the main physical characteristics of the user, but you can customize it the way you want. You can modify your skin tone, hairstyle and much more.

This online avatar creator allows you to choose make-up options, clothes and accessories, when you finish your avatar online, you can share it via a link or download it to your device in PNG and GLB formats (compatible with Paint 3D).

8. Xavatar

Xavatar is another option site to create avatars online, this tool is very simple and allows you to create your two-dimensional character without problems. This tool allows you to choose from skin tone and face shape to clothes for your avatar.

With Xavatar you can create your own avatars, but you can also customise your avatars to your liking.

When you’ve finished your avatar, you can share it directly on Twitter or Pinterest, and you can also download the PNG image in various formats.


The image editor is has a feature that allows you to create an avatar online from your photos. Just upload a photo from your device, from a link or even straight from Facebook and it automatically turns your portrait into a cartoon.

Unlike other tools, the user does not have any editing power, the image is already delivered ready. However, the site does offer several photo animation features, allowing you to change the expression of the person in the photo.

The avatars can be saved on the mobile phone or PC as GIF (with animation) or PNG. Or, alternatively, have the links shared on other platforms.

10. South Park Avatar Creator

If you’re a South Park fan, the South Park Avatar Creator allows you to create an online avatar with features from the famous cartoon. The tool features the cartoon’s slapstick humour.

If you are a fan of South Park, you can create your own avatar online. You can also add various items such as candyfloss, drinks, cleaning products, weapons and more.

In addition, you can choose various image backgrounds, with famous and funny scenes from the cartoon. And, if you want, you can select a funny text to complement your avatar.

The result should be saved on your device as a PNG image or shared as a link on your social networks.

Have you found the best website for creating avatars online?

We hope this article has helped you find the best tool for you to create avatars online and share your animated version on social media.

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