UOL Mail – Log in or sign up for a new account

Universo Online, also known by the acronym UOL, is a Brazilian company belonging to the Folha Group, owner of sites such as the Folha de São Paulo newspaper and the PagSeguro e-commerce service. The UOL portal offers a variety of content: news, products, advertising and Internet services such as website hosting, data storage and electronic mail. In this guide, we’ll help you access or log in to UOL Mail, register or sign up for a new account and get started with your UOL Mail account

Founded in 1996, UOL is today the largest portal in Brazil with more than 110 million unique visitors per month, 42 thematic stations with more than 1,000 news channels and 7 million pages. UOL is among the 10 most visited Internet sites in Brazil. UOL also has its own digital platform, called UOL Play, which provides on-demand video streaming and also subscription TV channels.

UOL Mail Features

Unfortunately, UOL does not offer a free e-mail account to internet users; the alternative is BOL Mail (e-mail service offered by UOL which includes a free plan). However, the UOL portal provides subscribers with various products, content and services which are updated regularly. UOL Mail, specifically, offers the following features:

  • Email box with a capacity of 25 GB.
  • Backup of messages and attachments with 5GB of space (in the most basic plan) and 100 GB (in the most expensive plan).
  • Service for backing up messages and attachments.
  • Remote access via IMAP and POP3 for managers.
  • Automatic antispam.
  • Possibility of adding external accounts (BOL, Gmail and Yahoo).
  • Native UOL Mail application for mobile devices.
UOL Mail - Log in or sign up for a new account

How to create an account on UOL Mail

To open your email account, complete the steps below:

  1. Go to Otherwise, on the portal’s central page (, click on the link “Email” on the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. On the next screen, click on the button “Create my UOL email”.
  3. It is worth pointing out, however, that when you click on the button mentioned, UOL will select by default the most basic plan (5 GB backup). To select a different plan, click on the link “Get to know UOL Mail” and then, on the information page, click on “Check our plans”.
  4. Then, define your preferred plan from the list and click on “Subscribe now”. The plans offered are the following:
    1. 5 GB of space backup: R$ 12.90 per month.
    2. 15 GB of space: R$ 22.90 per month.
    3. 25 GB Backup of 25 GB of space: R$ 32.90 per month.
    4. 50 GB of space: R$ 57.90 per month
    5. 100 GB of space: ¤102.90 per month.
  5. On the sign-up page, fill in the form with your details. Make sure you choose a strong password that you are not using on any other site. UOL requires that the password has, at least, 8 characters mixing letters and numbers.
  6. Next, choose the payment method (credit card or debit account) and enter the information of the card with which you will make the payment. Finally, click on “Continue”.
  7. UOL will ask you to enter the anti-fraud verification code. Once you have done this, confirm the account.

That’s it! Your UOL Mail account is now created.

How to log in to UOL Mail

To access your UOL Mail account, simply follow the procedure detailed below:

  1. Go to Otherwise, on the portal’s central page (, click on the link “Email” on the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. On the next screen, enter your username and password.
  3. Finally, click on “Login”.

That’s it! You can now access your e-mail box.

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Logging in from your mobile phone

To log in from mobile, the procedure is essentially the same as explained above, which can be completed from any browser using your computer or smartphone. However, if you want to install UOL’s native app, simply access the appropriate app shop for your mobile device. To do so, check out the following links:

  • Android:
  • iOS:

What to do if I can’t remember my password?

If by chance you have forgotten your password, you will have to request help from UOL and follow the indications received. Complete the following procedure:

  • On the login page (, click the “Forgot Password” link under the “Sign In” button.
  • On the next screen, UOL will ask you to Enter your CPF/CNPJ or the e-mail and password of another account with which you have subscribed to a product or service of the portal. Then, check the box “I am not a robot” and click “Login”. If you have not registered another account with UOL or no longer remember your password, click on “Forgot your password? Otherwise, go straight to
  • Insert an alternative e-mail address and click on “Continue”. Finally, follow the instructions in the Help Center.
  • Another option is to access UOL’s Help Center page and follow the links that talk about password recovery. Complete the steps and instructions from UOL.

Anyway, we hope that you now have a better idea about the advantages and possibilities that a UOL account brings. Good luck!

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