The Best Way to Keep an Eye on Children iPhone

Most parents buy a phone for their child so that they can communicate with their peers, entertain themselves, and do other stuff like playing games on their smartphone.

But with these emerging technologies, it’s obviously the parent’s priority to keep in touch with what the child’s doing with their phone. If you got an iPhone for your child, it’s difficult to do so, especially if they keep hiding what they are doing.

FoneMonitor is one of the best apps to do so, and if you want to know more about them, visit this website and read further to have a better understanding of how to monitor your child’s iPhone.

The Best Way to Keep an Eye on Children iPhone

Why Go for a Spy App?

Most parents understand the importance of having a spy app on their child’s phone. It helps you keep an eye on their movement, phone activities, and who they talk to when on call, messages, or on email.

And the good thing about these apps is that you can monitor a user from a remote location, like in the case of FoneMonitor.

Every app comes with a variety of features, which is why choosing the best one can be confusing for first-timers.

FoneMonitor: The Best Spy Solution for Parents

FoneMonitor is one of the best spy solutions for parents because it allows them to spy on their kids activities without rooting or jail-breaking. Also, it is being used by billions of users in 190 plus countries around the world.

For its features & the popularity it has gained over time, many brands like Forbes, TechAdvisor, & New York Times has featured it multiple times. So, if you are currently looking for an app to keep an eye on your kid, this app is worth trying.

Keep on reading to find out how to use it!

Step 1:

Go to the app store and download the app. It only takes a few seconds if your internet is stable and because the app is only 2 MBs. Now, sign-up for a free account by filling the fields with an email address & password.

The Best Way to Keep an Eye on Children iPhone

Step 2:

Choose the targeted device, iOS or non-iOS. If it is an iOS device, enter the iCloud credentials & if it is an Android device add the user accounts details to proceed.

The Best Way to Keep an Eye on Children iPhone

Step 3:

Go to the dashboard & start spying.

Features of FoneMonitor

Affordable pricing

Parents around the world love FoneMonitor because it provides different payment plans. There’s a plan for users who want to monitor one iPhone and another if you’d like to keep an eye on several iPhones.

Additionally, the payment process is simple, and you can use different methods depending on your location and convenience.

Comes with multiple features

As a parent, you’ll want to know how many features you can access with this app. Once you install Fonemonitor into the target device, you won’t need it again. You’ll be able to access the phone from any remote location via a PC or smartphone.

The good part about this app is that it spies on everything. You have real-time access to installed apps, messages, browsing history, gallery, call logs, record phone calls, child’s location; in short, all your child’s activities can be seen from your dashboards.

The Best Way to Keep an Eye on Children iPhone

It’s one of the reasons why Fonemonitor is one of the most recommended spy apps in its category. Significant tech blogs such as Forbes, Life Hacker, Top 10 Reviews, PCMag, and Digital Trends mention it as the best spy apps for parents.

Not easy to detect

The other reason why this app is trustworthy is that your child won’t know that you’re monitoring them. FoneMonitor goes into hiding once you install it and it doesn’t drain the user’s battery. However, if you’d like a constant update on your dashboard, it drains the battery quicker than when you have fewer updates in a day.

So, it’s advisable to go for fewer updates in a day, at most thrice in a day.


That’s it, parents. Once you install FoneMonitor on your child’s iPhone, you can monitor your child’s activities and keep him or her out of danger. You also have full access to your child’s life, without being a bother to them or sounding insecure or overprotective.

By the way, once you install the app, you don’t need to access the phone again. In fact, you don’t need that phone since you can do everything else from your dashboard.

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